Suigei Ginrei Junmai Ginjo - the drunken choice. An affordable fresh Junmai Ginjo that you want to keep drinking.

Daiginjo Azolla 50

Suigei, or "Drunken Whale" is a sake brewery from Kōchi Prefecture. Suigei has been using its sake brewing water since 1860 from the Kagami River, which is still considered one of Japan's most pristine water sources. The absence of iron and manganese in this source provides Suigei's unique, elegantly characteristic texture. Suigei's brewing concept, true to their slogan "A cup to inspire the Meal," pairs well with a wide range of foods. Originally sake is enjoyed with meals in Tosa, so all local sake is made in Kōchi, with an emphasis on harmony with local Kōchi cuisine.
Mild, well-balanced all-rounder