Japanische Kultur in Deutschland interpretieren

Interpreting Japanese culture in Germany


Japanese cuisine is one of the healthiest, most sophisticated and most diverse in the world. We are fascinated by Japanese culture, a culture where much importance is placed on the exceptional.
We show you a sophisticated interpretation of Japanese cuisine and Japanese culture — this allows you to get to know Japanese culture without speaking Japanese. And by the way, the Japanese have with the highest life expectancy in the world. It is well-known that this is due to the special Japanese diet. Because good food should not just fill you up, it should also make you happy.

In our restaurant you can enjoy high-quality Japanese cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. Because good food should not just fill you up, it should also make you happy.


Japanese cuisine is much more than just sushi – and SUSHIYA is much more than just the restaurant sansaro. Above all, we are good community that revolves around an authentic interpretation of Japanese cuisine with lots of personal commitment. The true mission of SUSHIYA is to create spaces for Japanese culture.

In February 2007 we opened the restaurant sansaro in the Amalienpassage centre. From the outset, we worked almost exclusively with Japanese chefs and kitchen staff – with a lot of appreciation for the differences between German and Japanese culture.

We know that it requires a very special effort and special rules to be able to continuously work to Japanese quality standards – we try to create a special workplace for motivated and competent Japanese staff in a restaurant in Germany with mostly German guests.

Working at Sushiya

SUSHIYA grew out of a genuine enthusiasm for Japanese food and culture. We have made it our goal to offer our guests continuous quality in line with Japanese standards. To be able to do this, we maintain a close and stable relationship based on trust with almost exclusively Japanese chefs and kitchen staff.

We are looking for qualified service staff! It is important that you either have the relevant training or professional experience in the restaurant trade!

In our restaurant sansaro in the Amalienpassage centre, our service staff work together with a mostly Japanese kitchen team. A good atmosphere between the team members is as important as a professional attitude to work and a willingness to learn. Charming and relaxed interaction with our guests, resilience and a good mood is important for us. Depending on training and level of experience, we are looking for part-time and full-time staff.

for our RESTAURANT sansaro in the Amalienpassage centre. 90% of our kitchen team are experienced Japanese chefs. We are always looking to recruit new staff, either because staff leave or we expand or make changes. Our kitchen staff have to be familiar with Japanese cuisine, culture and language.

We are a young team, and working here is often fun. Because our main focus is on Japanese cuisine, we practice a mixture of German and Japanese values – you can learn a lot when you work with us, and in return we expect a high level of commitment and reliability. We place a lot of value on good working relationships and we are always on the lookout for service and kitchen staff. Being able to speak Japanese is an advantage. As a company, we place a lot of value on understanding and respecting Japanese culture. On the other hand, our staff must also understand that we are a restaurant in Germany with mostly German guests – and our staff must be prepared to engage with German work practices and learn the German language. This way, we try to build a bridge between two cultures. If you are interested in working with us, please send an application with a short CV and a photo to jobs@sushiya.de.