SUSHIYA sansaro - Sushi coupons and more (Tastings,...)

Sushi coupons and more

Gifts for every occasion!

Gift for any occasion: a meal voucher for one of the most popular sushi restaurants in Munich..

Tip: since you can get your fill in our restaurant sansaro for little money but also for a lot of money can try great wines, sake or whiskey, we recommend to divide larger amounts on several vouchers. For more flexibility when redeeming and the full range when enjoying, for example 2x 50€.


Unfortunately, we cannot offer direct purchase (e.g. by cash on the spot) in the restaurant at the moment.

Vouchers for specific events can be found below.

Vouchers for a visit to a restaurant

Voucher for Sushi in Sushi Restaurant Sushiya Munich

Event vouchers for special culinary experiences

At the moment we are not selling event vouchers as we do not know when we will be able to do so again due to staff shortages. For individual events with sufficient budget and lead time, you are always welcome to contact us. address.