Sushi & fine Japanese cuisine

Sushi seems to be available on every corner today. However, the taste of sushi as it is known from Japan can only be found in a few restaurants worldwide.


We have been passionate about Japanese cuisine for many years with an intensity and depth that is rare outside of Japan. With us you can enjoy sushi & fine Japanese cuisine with selected ingredients from experienced Japanese chefs.


Like our food, the restaurant is an authentic interpretation of Japanese architecture: a simple space with clean lines, warm wood tones, no frills. At a long table, larger groups can dine or you can get into conversation with other guests - in the spirit of the name "sansaro" people should be able to come together here. On tatami courts you can sit on rice straw mats without shoes as in Japan. In summer on our terraces you can between japanese fan maples without car noise in the middle of the Amalienpassage sit.


The japanese cuisine and in particular Sushi is subject to completely different quality standards than anything we know in the West: While the Japanese invest around 25% of their income on food and groceries, only around 8% is spent in Germany. On the one hand, this is due to the quality of materials required, and on the other hand, to the intensive, necessary preparations. Therefore, really good Japanese cuisine is very rare in Germany. With us you can enjoy authentic sushi from good ingredients à la carte, on a level that is hardly ever seen elsewhere in Munich. is possible. For this you can dive into the world of Japanese sakewhich we decode for you. And in culinary events we make further topics of the Japanese kitchen experiencable.

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We ask you in good time before online to reserve. If you are looking for a place at short notice and nothing is available online, try to contact us by phone: +49 89 2880 84 42 

To order delivery or takeout sushi for self pickup please use our delivery store.

For special questions, especially if you with children or dogs want to come, please note our Reservation tips.

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Opening hours:

Tuesday - Thursday 18.00 - 23.00h

Friday & Saturday 17.30 - 23.00h

Sunday 17.30 - 22.00h

Kitchen until about 22.00h / 21.00h.

Thursday 30 March closed company, sorry!


Reservations with us are binding and will be confirmed with Credit card secured. Alternatively, you are always welcome to drop by spontaneously and see if there happens to be a spot available.

How to find the sansaro

The restaurant sansaro (Japanese for "Three-way intersection") lies in the middle of the Amalienpassage in Munich - where the paths of Türkenstraße, Amalienstraße and Adalbertstraße meet. "The most relaxed top class Japanese restaurant in Munich". is a place where a wide variety of people are welcome and should be able to enjoy good food in a relaxed atmosphere. 

The best place to park your car is in the public underground parking Türkenstr. 86, come with the Subway to the station "University or ride your bike directly behind the LMU Main Building. You will find us in the middle of the Amalienpassage, in the second courtyard, where the Japanese maples shine. In front of the restaurant welcomes you the sansaro artboxwhich we make available to changing artists free of charge.

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Underground car park, Türkenstr. 86


U3/6 Station "University