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Current info about our delivery service:

  • Currently only very limited capacity due to staff shortages in the kitchen, therefore only limited options for pick-up or delivery, usually only pick-up at the beginning of the evening, if at all. Please order in advance, we close the store during the day when a certain order volume is reached or when a certain number of reservations have been made.
  • Our amount of fresh fish and seasoned rice that we can stock and prepare daily is limited, and we are first and foremost a restaurant that needs and wants to take care of our local guests. 
  • Therefore it happens more often that we sold out early are! This is not a sign of a lack of preparation, but the result of a demand for quality. Please order in advance!

Tips & basic info about the delivery service:

  • Since we are currently back in simultaneous restaurant operations, there can always be delays or restrictions.
  • If, contrary to expectations, you can not order online (more), please call through - sometimes the system plays a trick on us and sometimes the rice is simply so scarce after many orders that we can only take further orders after consultation with the cooks or, for example, only Sashimi and can offer warm cuisine. Thank you.
  • Tip for the webshop: first login/enter address, then select products!
  • The Vouchers for our restaurant (e.g. from Yovite) are unfortunately not compatible with our delivery store. You can either save these vouchers for a visit to the restaurant or order them by phone and have them redeemed on site when you pick them up (!).
  • Please understand that we cannot compete in price with the pizza wok sushi delivery service around your corner. Our sushi is made with quality ingredients (and As much organic as possible) made by well-trained Japanese chefs and driven to you by our own team from the restaurant sansaro in Maxvorstadt. Depending on the distance, this unfortunately takes some time and has its price. With us you get high quality food and not stuff bought as cheap as possible. With us there are also no "Show Sushi", which looks particularly colorful and creative, but is actually just snipped together by semi-skilled helpers according to construction kit and covered with thick sauces and intense flavors...
  • For special opportunities contact us directly for a Catering on Japanese tableware, on request with wine, whisky or Sake-Accompaniment.

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