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The japanese cuisine is one of the most sophisticated, healthy and diverse in the world. We are passionate about Japanese culture, where eating special things is very important. We show a high quality interpretation of Japanese dishes and Japanese culture - so you can get closer to Japan without having to speak Japanese. By the way, the Japanese have one of the highest life expectancies in the world. As is well known, this is also due to the special Japanese diet. Because good food should not only fill you up, but also make happy.


Japanese cuisine offers much more than just Sushi - and SUSHIYA is much more than just the restaurant sansaro. Behind SUSHIYA is above all Alexander Reinelt's view of Japanese culture. In 2005 he founded SUSHIYA GmbH with a team of courageous friends, which opened the restaurant sansaro in Munich in 2007. 

Here we try to make Japanese quality accessible to all guests. Above all, this means that we translate Japanese culture authentically and thus make it tangible and edible - away from kitsch and stereotypes. That's why the sansaro restaurant has become a living cultural bridge between Japan and Germany.

More about what we do on and off in the blog over the next few months - until then, you can discover it now by eating at our restaurant, sansaro, and having an eye for detail and a palate for honest cuisine with quality ingredients.


From the very beginning, Alexander Reinelt's philosophy has been: where possible and feasible, we rely on high-quality ingredients and as much as possible Organic quality - constant since the opening of our SUSHIYA Bento Shop in the interior stand in 2006. For us, it is not only about getting the best quality ingredients, but above all to work sustainably and use real "life-ver-mediators".


We have made it our goal to continuously offer our guests quality according to Japanese standards. In doing so, the close, consistent and trusting cooperation with almost exclusively Japanese chefs and kitchen staff was and is particularly important. This is not always easy, because there are of course great differences between a restaurant in Germany and in Japan - and of course also between the expectations and behavior of guests in Germany and in Japan. We take this path in the middle, authentically including both sides and enabling the best for our customers and our employees. You can get a little insight behind the scenes in our Employee Spotlight.

Here you can enjoy high-quality Japanese cuisine in a casual (by Japanese standards) atmosphere. 
Because good food should not only fill you up, but also make you happy.


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