SUSHIYA sansaro - Our premises at Amalienstr 89

Sushiya - Our Restaurant SANSARO

Like our food, our restaurant is an authentic interpretation of Japanese architecture: clean lines, light and shade, warm wood tones. At a long table, larger groups can dine or you can engage in conversation with other guests; tatami seats allow you to sit on rice straw mats, just like in Japan. A wooden floor and an atmospheric lighting concept round off the Japanese clarity of the room with inviting warmth.

The name "sansaro" means "three-way intersection" in Japanese. One of our first cooks, Ken Sugawara, came up with the idea for the name because the paths from Amalienstr., Adalbertstr. and Türkenstr. cross at our restaurant. We welcome a wide variety of people and invite them to enjoy fine Japanese cuisine in an atmospheric setting. The sansaro should be a place where people can come together and communication arises.

For a Japanese restaurant, especially a sushi restaurant, this makes us a relatively relaxed restaurant. Because sushi is actually a very formally demanding dish, for which our kitchen team has to work and prepare in a decidedly disciplined manner in order to deliver consistently high quality since 2007. 

The seating areas

Large table

In our main room in the restaurant is our "Big Table. Larger groups will find here a very central place to share and enjoy our food. Ideal for a business meeting with several people or an evening among friends and family.

from 3 persons

Normal tables

For a meal for two we recommend our  "normal" tables at a comfortable seating height. If necessary, the tables are arranged to seat up to 5 people in a group.

  2 people


The "Lounge" in the restaurant sansaro is especially suitable as an uncomplicated seating for a meal alone or in a group of up to four people. In a casual atmosphere and comfortable armchairs you can enjoy our sushi here. We do not recommend this area so much for older gentlemen, for dates or business meetings, because here you have only small tables in front of you. The lounge is good if you just want to sit together casually with friends or family and sit a little away from the restaurant hustle and bustle.

  1- 2 persons


Especially authentic enjoy our Japanese specialties at the "Tatami tables" in restaurant sansaro. Tatami are Japanese rice straw mats on which you take off your shoes and sit close to the floor.

While the tatami tables are designed for a maximum of 2 people, it is at our "Half tatami tables" quite possible to place 3 - 5 people. Here then sit 2 - 3 people on tatami and 1 - 2 people on normal stools.

Please note: Tatami is not for everyone. Discuss in advance exactly whether all visitors want or can sit Tatami and if necessary decide on another seating option in our restaurant.

  2 - 5 persons

In summer, if the weather is suitable, we will be happy to welcome you in our two Outdoor areas.

On our large terrace in the backyard of the house you can sit in great weather amidst beautiful Japanese maple trees far away from the dust and noise of cars and enjoy our authentic Japanese food.

Also our small terrace in front of the restaurant offers a great enjoyment experience in warm temperatures.

Here are a few more of our Reservation tips "

* Recently you can also book Tatami tables via online booking at OpenTable. Please note that from experience such tables are not suitable for a business meeting or with older gentlemen and it may be that no alternative table is free if you book for Tatami and then want to sit elsewhere on site.