Ayaka Terajima| "The Little Blue Garden" | SUSHIYA sansaro

Ayaka Terajima| "The Little Blue Garden"

The series used in the installation, "The vase got a flower." is a sculpture project in which I combine prefabricated porcelain, previously owned by someone, with my own forms. The color "blue" is seen as the color of sea or sky, which make up most of the earth. But the definition of the color "blue" is ambiguous and unreal. I invite visitors to enter this ambiguous beautiful world of the color "blue".

Japanese artist Ayaka Terajima (*1987) studied traditional crafts and ceramic techniques at Japanese University and has been studying and working in Munich since 2016. For her, clay is the most primitive material to directly give form to her thoughts. Through her work, she raises questions about primitive and philosophical issues, such as problems of everyday life, body and mind.