Eugenia Piacentini "Involution" | SUSHIYA sansaro

Eugenia Piacentini "Involution"

From the first steps of humanity to existential questions - hidden deep beneath our roots and mental patterns lies the feeling of being part of a great whole. This intuition is anchored in our primordial ground and in view of this, laws, dogmas, simply everything become superfluous.

Our exterior forces us to look inside ourselves at such times. Let us return to the time when evolution snatched intuition from us.

María Eugenia Piacentini Veron, self-taught, born in Buenos Aires in 1981 is always looking for a window on the world to send her messages to the subconscious. Ceramics comes to her in a spontaneous, detailed and faithful way, allowing her work to emerge in a flow. With her clear focus on realism and form, she inspires her audience. Empathies are created and destroyed in her work.