Julius Paul Ehrhart "in the greenhouse" with pictures and windows (and a watering can)

"Painting grounds I get fei bluntly and put on it white one of the lonely seeds, of which I do not know what wants out and where. Wherever I want, I take maps for it. With the pot I shed tones of colors, lay to black in the picture the track, seem out, like plants at the window, from which I sound in the greenhouse with images."

Julius Paul Ehrhart, born in the sixties, was a guest at the Munich Art Academy 1978 in the painting class of Prof. Gerd Winner (artist of the wall design in the Adalberthof of the Amalienpassage) and at the Vienna Art Academy 1987-1993 master student of Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

After studying "Visual Design and Therapy", he led open studios at Munich clinics for many years. Today he lives and works as a freelance artist and art therapist in Munich.