Luise Aedtner "Finding the familiar in the foreign" | SUSHIYA sansaro
Japanese woman picture

Luise Aedtner "Finding the familiar in the foreign".

"This work is a photographic search for traces that I set out on in a cultural sphere that is completely foreign to me. Through the photographic examination of Japan, I show how a cultural divide can be overcome to create an approach to the foreign. My goal is to present the essentials of this other world in the form of a "poetic reportage" and, beyond that, to make social as well as emotional analogies visible. Fascinated by the otherness of Japan's culture and various photographic directions, I draw my portrait of Japan with this series of images. By the term "poetic reportage" I mean the mixture of different photographic genres such as documentary, street photography, essayistic narrative and snapshots."

Luise Aedtner, born in 1984 in Berlin and raised in Regensburg, did not grow up with a camera in her hand. However, she has always had a passion for art. In her communication design studies, she laid the foundations for her work today.

Before setting up her own business as a photographer in Munich, she worked in the picture department of SZ magazine and as an assistant for various photographers after graduating.