Yukari Miyashita | "Kimono - view on the nature" | SUSHIYA sansaro

Yukari Miyashita | "Kimono - view on the nature"

As an artist and florist, Yukari Miyashita enjoys working with natural materials, stripping down to the essentials. Her floral artworks are naturally often quickly ephemeral, so don't miss these brief moments for the eyes and soul.

She likes to combine elements from her native Japan in her works, but nature with its variety of colors, structures and mysterious forms always plays the main role.

Yukari Miyashita (*1983) studied art and Japanese painting in Kyoto, Japan. Already there she acquired the license for Ikebena and worked as a designer of kimonos with floral motifs. Today she lives in Munich and Prague, combines art and nature in her own personal way.
More artworks on http://www.instagram.com/kunstundblumen_fl