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Lei Sake Katsuyama

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The Katsuyama Brewery is known for particularly exclusive sake.

However, one of Katsuyama's sakes is enjoyed by both sake pairing experts and absolute sake novices in our Restaurant sansaro in Munich has been extremely popular for many years.

Katsuyama Lei - a great sake for beginners and for advanced drinkers.

The Katsuyama Lei was designed to match French cuisine, especially meat dishes, and has been on the market since 2012. 

We have this sake since the beginning of 2015 in the restaurant sansaro in the offer and are always enthusiastic and inspire beginners and advanced with this sake.

Name and origin of the Katsuyama Lei

The name "Lei" comes from the wagtail, a sacred creature in Japanese mythology, also known as a love bird. 

The official signature of Date Masamune, the prince of Sendai Domain, happens to resemble the long, flowing tail of this bird.

Through discussions with top French chefs, the goal was to keep the alcohol content low and create a full-bodied sake that would pair well with meat dishes. 

The result is a sake with an alcohol content of 12 % vol. and a high content of amino acids, the flavor component that marries perfectly with the food.

Special local rice variety Hitomebore

Most premium sake are made from rice grown specifically for sake manufactured. But Hitomebore is actually an edible ice variety developed in Miyagi Prefecture. 

Here, too, one notices Katsuyama's commitment to local, regional raw materials - which, unlike wineries, is not typical for sake and has only become a trend among individual, particularly dedicated breweries in recent years.

Elegant, full-bodied aroma with appealing sweetness

The Katsuyama "Lei" has an elegant aroma like sugar melon and a sweet, full-bodied taste that goes well with strongly spiced dishes and meat dishes with rich sauces. However, it is also excellent to taste as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to desserts.

In our Restaurant sansaro we experience again and again that with the Katsuyama Lei guests can be inspired, who refused sake before, thought it was nothing for them. 

We experience this sake as wonderfully round, full-bodied - with a sweetness without being an artificially sweetened product. Therefore, the Katsuyama Lei is really a great sake for beginners to get to know the subject of sake, and for advanced for food pairing with European dishes or strong dishes.

(Here theoretically link to our detailed tasting video of the Katsuyama Lei).

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