Fabian Bross ``Prometheus in the tram`` | SUSHIYA sansaro

Fabian Bross "Prometheus in the Tram"

Fabian Bross is a linguist and freelance artist. He is co-founder of the literary magazine "Das Prinzip der sparsamsten Erklärung" and the exhibition space "Linoleum-Club" in Munich-Neuhausen. The Süddeutsche Zeitung (Dec. 31, 2013) counts him among the young creatives who make Munich "more colorful and livable" and "an exciting city."

His works deal with the tension between individual realization and social norms. What at first glance might not seem to fit together is interwoven in such a way that a harmonious and completely new image emerges. In this way, many of the works succeed in breaking through entrenched patterns of perception and association through an unusual, combinatorial view of everyday life.

With this intention, the Prometheus depicted here, who comes from an oil painting by the Spanish-born painter Jusepe de Ribera (1591-1652), and a streetcar ride through Munich at night were aesthetically integrated, so that the Greek-mythological cultural founder seems almost ghostly. The painting titled "Prometheus in the Tram" (2013) thus symbolizes the ever topical debate about the balance between individual will and collective ought, between drive and norm, between I and we.