Jochen Dreckmann | "Mittelpunkte", September 2018 | SUSHIYA sansaro

Jochen Dreckmann | "Mittelpunkte", September 2018

When trees fall, they are not dead. They only start their second secret life as wood. They take their memories with them and also their character. You can feel it when you hold wood in your hands, you can see it when you look at it. There is still the pale heat of summer, the deep darkness of long winter nights, and the mild warmth of spring and autumn....
This feeling for wood led Jochen Dreckmann (*1967) not only to run a wood workshop in Munich, but also to get involved with the demands of the individual woods. Initially, small wooden sculptures were created from Kenyan palm wood, then the formats became increasingly abstract. A dialogue of different woods emerged in the tension between circle and square.

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