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Ana Event March 2023

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On March 30, 2023 we unfortunately had to let our restaurant close for our regular customers - but for a good reason:

finally the well-known Japanese airline ANA (All Nippon Airways) flies again regularly between Munich and Japan and this wanted to be celebrated duly with an event in the exclusively booked restaurant sansaro in Munich.

With a charismatic man at the mic, you can also hold captivating and entertaining talks at our restaurant sansaro

Japan is an exciting travel destination and, according to many of our Japanese employees, there is hardly a better way to get to Japan than with the airline ANA. In this respect, it was a pleasure and honor for us to be selected for this event. And of course our kitchen team, led by Chef Matsui, came up with a special, typical Japanese Bentō menu for the occasion.

Concentrating on preparations right up to the last minute: Chef Matsui in the kitchen

Bentō ANA-EVENT menu

The theme of the menu was the inspiration of spring-like fields, so typically seasonal. The idea: after the long winter, guests should feel a colorful joy when they open the Bentō lid, just like when they see the colorful flowers that will soon begin to bloom.

And so that the anticipation of spring is not only visually seen, but also felt on the palate, we have as always paid attention to seasonally typical ingredients.

Before the actual menu a few more treats, here the pickled salmon in a jar


Homemade Tamago-Tōfu (steamed egg pudding with dashi soup broth).
Colorful topping with shrimp, green peas, caviar, daikon radish cut into flower shape and chopped myoga
Ginger flavored thickened sauce based on dashi broth

A delightful and gently flavored appetizer to start the course. We take time to prepare the broth with the best dried bonito flakes, so that the flavor of bonito broth can be fully appreciated.


Deep fried sea bream with egg yolk, Sōmen noodles, bamboo shoots, thinly sliced rutabaga in dashi soup with asparagus paste

This soup is made with a variety of spring ingredients, including sea bream. The contrast between the fried sea bream coated with egg yolk and the green asparagus paste in the soup seems to announce the arrival of spring.

In the Bentō box

The beauty of a Japanese Shōkadō-Bentō box Is that you can enjoy a variety of dishes with different flavors and a little variety.

Spring ingredients are woven into the bento, and different preparation methods create a harmonious work of art.

First square top left

Vegetables Chicken Tōfu Ganmodoki (deep fried chicken mince and tofu mixture), Pak Choy, white asparagus, carrots (red and yellow) cut into flower shape, yuzu.

Second square top right

Roasted Wagyū beef with dried mullet roe as topping
Spinach goma-ae, dashimaki tamago, Myōga pickled in sweet vinegar, deep fried Kōya-Tōfu soaked in broth.

Third square bottom right

Grilled sea bass with a paste of pureed tofu, shiitake mushrooms, green beans and bamboo shoots, kakiage tempura of feather cabbage, scallop and onion, moromi miso cucumber.

Fourth square bottom left

Chirashi Sushi With shrimp, salmon roe, tuna, tamago slices, eel, chopped sweet and sour ginger, grated sesame seeds, kinome, bamboo shoots.

Small compartment in the middle

Soaked yam in soy sauce with chopped wasabi


For dessert we had a small strawberry roll cake with the Japanese azuki beans and mattcha powder


The floral decoration in the restaurant was based on the color blue, the image color of the company that commissioned the event - and which, we were hugely pleased to see, was immediately noticed by the people in charge on site.

The food and decorations were designed with wishes for continued prosperity and growth for the client, who is making a fresh start after the long, hard winter in Corona.

A beautiful Bentō for a beautiful event

Even if it means more preparation work for the kitchen team than one might imagine: we love to prepare such beautiful Bentō to produce for our customers. Each is unique in itself and has its own special meaning.

Japanese among themselves: at the end of the event Japanese thanks for the mutual efforts between customer and guest. A real pleasure for us.

Our restaurant is only very small, but again and again we have seen in recent years that events for small groups, where value is placed on authentic, high-quality Japanese cuisine are right with us at sansaro. We are especially happy about the trust of a highly renowned airline in Japan like Ana and its partners in Germany.

Time for dialog with customers and colleagues between good food and interesting presentations
Sharing pleasure in Japanese

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