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Catering lunch binding pool

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Since we have been using our Delivery service for sushi in Munich we are always pleased to receive orders from employees of a renowned management consulting agency in Munich.

Now we were allowed to host a catering for the retention pool in the company, where young people would come together and enjoy a fine lunch break between different workshops. 

Should you be interested in our delivery service, a special Catering or our exclusive culinary events have a closer look at our homepage. Or visit us at the Restaurant sansaro in the Amalienpassage!



Japanese soybean pods, sprinkled with a little salt, nutritious and healthy, to be plucked out like a white sausage 😉

Always popular and easy to snack on: edamame, Japanese soybean pods.

Nasu Miso Itame

Deep-fried and fried eggplant strips with a sweet-smelling Japanese miso sauce - vegetarian and always super-popular due to an elaborate cooking process in our house.

In exclusive Japanese bowls: Nasu Miso Itame


Organic spinach (with us Demeter quality) with the special Japanese sesame sauce.

Demeter spinach with Japanese sesame sauce

SUSHI Moriawase

Of course, sushi is always very popular for catering, because it can be eaten uncomplicated like a small finger food. For this catering on Munich's Ludwigstraße, we have compiled a small selection based on the available budget,

Nigiri (the classic sushi form in Japan)

  • Shake (Salmon)
  • Maguro (tuna)
  • Shiromi (white fish)
  • Saba (Markele)
  • Aka Ebi (red shrimp)
  • Unagi (eel)
  • Inari (tofu pocket with rice)
  • Tamago (omelet from organic eggs)


The fine nigiri are best served on special, heavy Japanese dishes. Note, by the way, a matter of course but apparently rare in Munich: correct, slightly different sizes of rice balls among the different types of fish.

Makimono (sushi rolls)

  • Dorade Bo Sushi
  • Unakyu Maki (cucumber with Japanese plum paste)
  • Spider Roll (a sansaro extra roll with SoftShellCrab)
  • Mediterranean (our classic sansaro extra roll since 2009)
  • Bharat (refresh extra roll with shrimp, mango, bell bell pepper)
  • Shakekawa teriaki (salmon skin with spicy sauce)
  • Ebi mayo maki (shrimp with Japanese mayonnaise)
  • Shake-Avo-Chūmaki (medium roll with salmon and avocado)
A nice sushi Moriawase selection makes the best at catering in the classic sushi oke


  • Avocado Maki
  • Walnut Maki
  • Chard Bo Sushi
  • Yuzu Taku Maki (pickled Japanese radish with Yuzu-Zest)
  • Paprika Phila (Uramaki with peppers and cream cheese)
  • Futomaki (thick roll with several vegetarian ingredients)
  • Shiitake maki (with shiitake mushrooms)
  • Ninjin maki (with carrots)
  • Kappmaki (with organic cucumber)
Sushi selection vegetarian

Main courses

A small selection of hot dishes to complement and alternative to sushi.

Catering ready, set, go!

Shake Teriyaki

Salmon fillet, with us of course always the Quality Label Rouge, in the popular Japanese spicy teriyaki sauce, with fresh pak choi and shiitake mushrooms.

Was eaten up in no time: Shake Teriyaki with PakChoi and small Shiitake mushrooms

Vegetarian Hiyashi Chuka

Hiyashi Chuka (冷やし中華) means as much as "cold Chinese", because the noodles are originally Chinese style and the Japanese have virtually made a kind of Japanese national dish out of it. It's very popular in Japan in the summer, and in Munich it even used to wow star chefs on our lunch menu. Today in catering, we have the misfortune that the weather is supposed to be rainy on the very day we serve this cool summer dish. Nevertheless, may your mood be lifted by the delicious pasta.

Ever KAISEKIexperienced the Japanese Haute Cusine? Has little to do with sushi and gibts in Germany only very rarely - now and then we offer special events with seasonal Kaiseki. At Newsletter you find out when there is such an event to book - they have been sold out within a few hours so far.


Small Azuki Chocolate Cheesecake

Azuki cheesecake with something homemade from the mika

Matcha tureen with anko and small fruit decoration

Matcha terrine with fresh fruit

We hope that all guests enjoyed the catering and we are grateful for another great and appreciative cooperation!

Sharing pleasure in Japanese

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