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Suntory Haku Vodka Launch Germany - with catering by SUSHIYA in Munich

Event and catering by Sushi Restaurant Sushiya in Munich
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We were recently allowed to develop a great catering with a special challenge for the German launch of Haku Vodka, here we report about it and about the new vodka from Suntory. SUSHIYA - the company that has been successfully running the Japanese restaurant sansaro in Munich's Amalienpassage since 2007 has also been doing catering for many years. But we can not do every catering: we are specialized exclusively in high quality caterings around sushi and Japanese cuisine in a quality that also delights Japanese customers.


A real challenge, however, was the catering, which we for BeamSuntory on behalf of the FischerAppelt Agency were allowed to align:

to Germany launch of Haku Vodka should be japanese food in black and white color concept be developed. Of course, everything should not only be beautiful to look at, but also taste good - whereby the main role was clearly with the vodka and not with the food.

Nevertheless, our team did not miss the opportunity to think very carefully and creatively deliver something special as best as possible: over several weeks we developed various proposals for dishes in cooperation with our chefs, coordinated them with the agency again and again and implemented them later.

Event and catering by Sushi Restaurant Sushiya in Munich

Every catering at SUSHIYA requires intensive pre-planning in coordination with the kitchen team

Of course, this approach means more effort - but only in this way can we work with motivation to achieve the right quality and customer satisfaction in the end.

For this event, we then prepared the food on site with a team from the kitchen and our staff did the food service.

Event and catering by Sushi Restaurant Sushiya in Munich

 Minudaru skewers (a specialty of the Japanese island of Okinawa) - pork shoulder coated with black sesame paste.

Unfortunately without picture: Homemade gyoza black (with shrimp) and white (with minced pork) with vinegar soy sauce.

In addition, the "lucky" Kohaku Namasu: implemented with organic black carrot and white radish (vegetarian).

Event and catering by Sushi Restaurant Sushiya in Munich

Two kinds of sushi: Uramaki= inside-out roll with white asparagus and Hosomaki with Konbu/ Hijiki filling - a Japanese kind of seaweed (vegetarian)

For final satiety: O-nigiri (rice balls) with shigure ni maguro (cooked tuna).

For dessert, we offered a popular traditional dessert that was also a perfect seasonal fit, two kinds of daifuku: one in white with anko and strawberry, the other in black (colored naturally with black sesame seeds) and white bean paste, also filled with strawberry.

Event and catering by Sushi Restaurant Sushiya in Munich

Two desserts specially designed for the event

Once you bite into the silky texture of the daifuku and taste the combination of the bean puree and the fresh, sweet strawberry, you know how special this dessert is, especially when it's made fresh & handmade by our kitchen team, as in this case. To complement the daifuku, we had a white pannacotta with a black sesame sauce topping. An unusual combination of flavors that left happy smiles on the faces of the guests.

A hit not only with Japan fans: homemade daifuku with strawberry filling result in the colors of the catering: black/white and accent in red.


The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the tasting session with Kazuyuki Torii (no relation to company founder Shinjiro Torii):

the Master Distiller Roku Gin & Haku Vodka was the best source to Special features of the new Haku Vodka get to know.

He explained (in Japanese with English translation by a Japanese colleague) what makes Haku Vodka so special: the starting product of this vodka is rice - rice with its mild taste, its purity, is naturally in the cradle of the Japanese, although there are also other alcoholic beverages in Japan made from potatoes, barley, etc.: Rice is definitely the best starting product for the Japanese. The vodka is then double distilled: in the first pass, the taste is still remotely reminiscent of sake or the somewhat rougher shochu, but in the second pass - especially also due to filtration with bamboo charcoal - the result is a very round, smooth taste.

Event and catering by Sushi Restaurant Sushiya in Munich

Kazuyuki Torii from Suntory came from Japan to present Haku Vodka at the Germany launch.

A special role at the launch event had even our nosing glasses by SchottZwiesel for whiskey and sake at the sansaro restaurant: our nosing glasses were prominently used in a tasting of two distillate levels. The first distillate still reminded us a bit of Japanese shochu or sake on the nose, the second distillate was already considerably rounder. Finally, the vodka is filtered again with Japanese bamboo charcoal. The result is an exceptionally mild, pleasant vodka - typically Japanese.

Event and catering by Sushi Restaurant Sushiya in Munich

Prominent role for the nosing glasses from SUSHIYA at the Haku Vodka Tasting

It is also typically Japanese that a lot of effort has been put into the names and the label: Haku stands for white, but depending on the reading also for "pure". So we also come to basic colors of vodka: white and black, which was then also the theme of the catering and the reason why we have developed such special dishes.

Event and catering by Sushi Restaurant Sushiya in Munich

Exciting tasting sessions for Haku Vodka above the rooftops of Munich.

This catering was a special challenge - but it was also a lot of fun!

We are very grateful to our client, the agency FischerAppelt and the company Suntory, for the wonderful, enthusiastic feedback and were especially pleased about the great, always positive cooperation with the agency.

Event and catering by Sushi Restaurant Sushiya in Munich
Catering around the Japanese cuisine - we are happy to do!
Special color concept for Suntory Haku Vodka


By the way: an impression of the result of our joint efforts can already be seen here in a spot that was made on behalf of the agency. The attentive observer will also recognize our glasses and some of our staff on site in it 😉

And of course you can try the Haku Vodka best at our restaurant sansaro: we were so enthusiastic that we have immediately included it in the program for our new drinks menu from summer 2019. As soon as it is published, you will find out in the newsletter and here in our blog. We look forward to your visit (or your catering request), see you soon at sansaro!


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