New Year's Eve 2016

Flyer for New Year's Eve menu in Sushi Restaurant Sushiya Munich
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New Year's Eve 2016 - reserve last places for the culinary highlight of the year

New Year's Eve is always a highlight at sansaro Sushi Restaurant: our chefs start preparing long beforehand just for this evening. Because on this evening we traditionally (similar to Valentine's Day) make very special, exclusive menus, which are otherwise not available at our restaurant. Therefore - we ask for your understanding - there is no Sushi à la Carte and no Take-Away on this evening.

But the sacrifice of what you can get every other day with us is worth it: this time our chef has put the menus under the motto "Kyoto style and Edo style". One menu is meant to symbolize the traditional side of Japanese cuisine - one menu the more modern side, of course also with a selection of nigiri sushi or edomae sushi, as they used to be called.

Do not miss the special evening, which has so far always caused enthusiasm among our customers! By the way: since we often can not provide pictures of all dishes of such events in advance, here are a few impressions from last year's New Year's Eve menu.

Details about the New Year's Eve menus 2016 you can find here - best to reserve online as soon as possible on our homepage for New Year's Eve. You will help us with the preparations if you let us know your menu preference in the text field when you make your reservation, or if you let us know it promptly after you have made your reservation. send to us.

The best way to make a reservation is directly to our homepage for online reservation...

Kaiseki event on January 25 & 26, 2023

Also our fourth Kaiseki event was fully booked within a few hours of sending out our newsletter and we were able to experience two beautiful, relaxed evenings with very appreciative guests from Munich and the world.

Great, you have the best conditions!

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