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Sake Tasting Flight from December 2022

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The cityscape with its radiant Christmas decorations increases the anticipation of the festive season these days. 

The sansaro restaurant also hosts Christmas dinners with friends and family and year-end parties with colleagues - to reward each other for the year's hard work and to celebrate each other's fellowship once again at the end of the year.

In keeping with the pre-Christmas spirit, we are once again presenting special sakes in our Sake Tasting Flight.


Asahi Junmai Daiginjō "Dassai 23"

The Asahi Brewery, which produces Dassai brand sake, is now a leader in the sake industry, despite being a small, village brewery on the verge of bankruptcy.

The award-winning Dassai 23 is world-renowned for its extremely high rice polish (23 %) and is the perfect sake for special occasions. 

Beautiful aroma of melon and fig and white flowers on the nose. Lots of umami on the palate with a soft and velvety texture that develops through a lush finish. 

Many people, even wine lovers, have become fans of sake through this sake. Our chef always likes to recommend this sake to European sake novices who know about wine and want to get a first idea of how interesting and structured sake can be.


Nagurayama Junmai Ginjō "Yokikana"

This sake comes from the Aizu region of Fukushima Prefecture, which is known for its pure, aromatic style. 

Fukushima has always been a major sake production region, winning numerous awards in sake competitions.

Yokikana is a perfect example of a wonderfully aromatic sake. There are notes of powdered sugar, green apple and pear that glide on a silky liquid that finishes very clean.


Akitabare Junmai "Koshiki Junzukuri"

"Koshiki Junzukuri" means "old style, pure process". 

This sake is - like many other sake we present to you - mainly handmade and also deliberately with tools that are sometimes up to 100 years old.

This Junmai has a plum aroma with subtle grassy notes. The first sip is quite dry, with notes of lemon, plum and grape skin. The overall feel is nevertheless quite mild and balanced. This sake can be enjoyed for hours without thinking of stopping.


With this in mind, we hope that your visits to us and your support for our little Restaurant sansaro will never stop - just as we always have new ideas and interesting stories to tell you about Japanese culture and culinary...


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Sake Tasting Flight

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