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Drink recommendations Valentine's Day 2017

To get you in the mood for the exclusive menus, we would like to give you a few drink recommendations - treat yourself to something special!

Upon request you will receive from us a Wine accompaniment, which course by course takes a look at the special bottled wines from our range, matched by our wine specialist Walter & Sohn. The wine accompaniment can also be found in the evening on the table in the Valentine's cards - and the descriptions we may hear beforehand already make our mouths water!

For those who like it then rather exotic-Japanese, our Premium sake a great, flavorful alternative. By the way, good sake is not drunk hot, but slightly chilled, and we have particularly tasty varieties:

Of particular interest is the new Katsuyama KEN: Katsuyama produces exquisite premium sake with the greatest craftsmanship. The Katsuyama "Ken" (meaning "wonderful gift") is an easy drinking sake that rises in a soft and smooth fullness. Is only available as a large bottle and is therefore really something for special occasions!

If you want to get an overview of different breweries and sake, we recommend the small "tasting bottles" of Amabuki, Dassai or other traditional Japanese craft breweries, available in 0.18l and 0.3l.

Of course unbeatable for a special occasion is the wonderful Awasaki Sparkling Sake, a mild, very discreetly bubbly drink that you must have tried - highly recommended as an aperitif, for example!

For those who prefer a Cremant, we recommend a glass of Cremant Rose No 7 as an aperitif, which we offer exceptionally by the glass on this evening.

For those who would like a strong finish, we recommend a small schnapps from the Tyrolean distillery Rochelt - available from us as Wiliams-Holunder ("Hollermandl"), Mirabelle and Basler Kirsche.

All details can be found in our drinks menu, which you are welcome to download here.

Enough talk - We look forward to a great evening for you!

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