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Valentine's Day 2024

Admittedly - we are a little late this year.... and now there were also problems with the restart of the website due to many hits. But now you can finally visit us [...]

Trip to Japan

Our (far too small) kitchen team has only just completed two great evenings with a "New Year's Eve kaiseki", the Omisoka 2023, when it's time to move on again: the same team that [...]

Kaiseki event on October 11 & 12, 2023

Once again this year we are hosting a Kaiseki event led by Riichiro Matsui - here you will find all the information about the menu, how to book and after the event also photos of the food & feedback from the guests.

Sōshū-Fukiyose Bentō September 5, 2023

On September 5, there will be another unique opportunity for lovers of good Japanese cuisine: Chef Riichiro Matsui will again create a Bentō for the Japanese Consulate General in Munich, which will receive high [...]

Fukiyose Bentō April 25, 2023

Again we were allowed to make special Bentō for demanding Japanese clientele in Munich. Here we briefly explain the contents of this Bentō. The descriptions are still being added. Ichi-no-masu (壱の枡) The description of the dishes [...]

Ana Event March 2023

On March 30, 2023, we unfortunately had to leave our restaurant closed for our regular customers - but for a good reason: finally, the well-known Japanese airline ANA (All Nippon Airways) [...]

Mayonnaise in Japanese cuisine

Japan - who in Germany doesn't commonly think of sushi, healthy food, long life, the finest ingredients and perhaps soy sauce and miso paste? Some will be surprised to learn that Japan [...]