Kaiseki Event on October 11 & 12, 2023 | SUSHIYA sansaro

Kaiseki event on October 11 & 12, 2023

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Once again this year we are hosting a Kaiseki event led by Riichiro Matsui - here you will find all the information about the menu, how to book and after the event also photos of the food & feedback from the guests.

Autumn Kaiseki 2023

Despite staff shortages in the kitchen and service, we would like to organize another Kaiseki event this year on October 11 / 12. We would be happy if you can participate in it! In this post we inform about the menu of the Kaiseki event and what you need to know around the booking & participation. After the completed evening, we will add photos of the food to this post as always. In the articles about the previous Kaiseki Events you can already see how the previous events were in Foto & Feedback.

Kaiseki is the haute cuisine of Japan, a seasonal menu of many small courses. What are the prerequisites that a chef must have for this work? Watch our video about kaiseki now!


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Kanro - Cold Dew

The traditional Chinese calendar divides the year into 24 solar periods.

Kanro (寒露) refers to the cold dew that appears on wildflowers from late summer to early autumn. The time marks the end of the long rainy season in autumn and the beginning of autumn in all its glory.

"Kanro" falls in the period from October 8 to 15 according to the modern calendar, and during this period, although the nights are longer and the mornings and evenings are cooler, the air is clear and the days are very pleasant.

Our October 2023 Kaiseki event is designed to take you culinary into this season in Japan.

Kanro Kaiseki Ryōri

Everything at a glance: the autumn Kaiseki Kanro in October 2023 in the restaurant sansaro in Munich

鶏もも肉の醤油煮, 占地茸と水菜の浸し、黄身酢

  • Braised chicken thighs
  • Shimeji mushrooms
  • Mustard cabbage with egg yolk vinegar sauce

The perfect prelude to a hearty course is the black feathered chicken Label Rouge. After the skin is fried to a crisp, it is placed in a seasoned broth and cooked on low for two hours so that it is juicy without smelling.
The refreshing seasoning does not detract from the gentle character of the soaked shimeji mushrooms and mizuna vegetables.

Sake accompaniment 1st course:

Koshi no Kanbai - Amane

The new Junmai Ginjō from the legendary brewery Koshi no Kanbai. Hardly available in Europe, already with us on the menu and to start in the Kaiseki menu.


Wanmono 椀物 soup

蕪 人参 厚揚げ豆腐 青梗菜

  • Sake marc soup with torpedo perch, soy milk,
    Turnips, carrots, Tōfu and Pak Choi

Amadai (torpedo perch), which is in season from early autumn to winter, is used for this soup. The creamy soup is prepared with a lot of soy milk, so that the taste of the amadai, which is mixed with soy sauce and Yuzu seasoned is not lost.

No sake is served with this course in order to bring out the full flavor of the sake kasu.

What do the different course names in the Kaiseki actually mean? What is the underlying structure of a kaiseki menu? 

Read our comprehensive article on gear sequence and menu structure in the Kaiseki.

Mukouzuke 向付 Sashimi


  • Bluefin tuna toro kobu-jime
  • Scarfed autumn salmon wrapped with shiso leaf, salmon roe as topping
  • Hegi-Zukuri cut Japanese sea bream

Toro, which becomes even more delicious in winter, is marinated with kombu to condense its flavor.
Autumn salmon is also in season now. A typical Japanese cabbage is rolled with salmon and sautéed to remove excess fat.
The sea bream, with its elastic flesh, is cut along the fibers in hegi-zukuri style, which is contrary to the usual way of cutting the sea bream to give it a pleasant texture.

Sake accompaniment 3rd course

Shinsen Ginjō 

This typical dry Ginjō sake from Ishikawa goes well with Sashimi.

Futamono 蓋物 dish with lid

揚げ茄子 しし唐 大和芋 芥子 鼈甲庵

  • Braised eel wrapped in bread, fried eggplant and Shishitō peppers with yam, Bekkōan sauce and mustard

A sophisticated dish hides in this course. 

Eel is associated with summer, but in reality it is in season from October to December. The eel is seasoned with red wine and soy sauce and wrapped in crusty bread to capture the rich flavor inside. Use of bread in Japanese cuisine? It may surprise you to learn that bread is definitely used in Japanese cuisine, but you're sure to enjoy it.

Sake accompaniment 4th course

This is an exclusive sake that can only be tasted in a few restaurants. Richard Geoffroy, the former cellar master of Dom Perignon, has created his own sake in Toyama Prefecture, Japan. It is made with an assemblage technique that is also used in the production of champagne.
In the world of sake, the blending is unprecedented. The Iwa sake is an exquisite blend of various Rice varieties and sake from different Yeast types, which give it an unprecedented complexity and depth.

Kuchitori 口取 delicacies with sake

エリンギ茸 南瓜 木の芽 田楽味噌

  • Persimmon and pistachio with tōfu paste
  • Fig tempura and mozzarella cheese with Kōji miso
  • Braised pork with taro cream and goji

Persimmons and pistachios, both in season right now, are combined in a traditional Japanese preparation called shiraae.
The figs, whose sweetness is enhanced by tempura, are served with mozzarella cheese and topped with a sauce of koji miso and yogurt that has a fruity flavor with malt rice.

Kuchitori - delicacies to go with the sake in the kaiseki menu autumn 2023

Sake accompaniment 5th course

Zaku - Impression H

A special junmai Genshuthat reminds the freshness of raw sake reminds. Upon opening it exudes wonderful aromas of sweet fruit with a slight tingle, the palate is incredibly juicy and full-bodied

Yakimono 焼物 Fried

無花果の天ぷら モッツアレラチーズと麹味噌
豚ばら肉の甘辛煮 里芋クリーム餡 クコの実

  • Scallop, oyster, eringi mushrooms and pumpkin in
    Yuzugama with dengaku miso

Hokkaido scallops and oysters are caught in yuzu shells with seasonal vegetables and topped with a white miso sauce. Enjoy the harmony between the flavor of the yuzu and the ingredients.

A hint of the wonderful aroma of the Japanese citrus fruit yuzu accompanies this course at Kaiseki

Sake accompaniment 6th course

Rihaku - Dreamy Clouds

Nigori sake With slight cloudiness from rice float particles - earthy, round, semi-dry finish.


Shiizakana 強肴 Next course

うどん 青葱 椎茸 豆腐 温度玉子

  • Wagyū beef sukiyaki
  • Udon noodles, green onions, shiitake mushrooms, Tōfu, egg

The flavor of the Wagyu beef blends with the udon noodles and tofu, making this dish compelling in both volume and flavor.

The Japanese A5 wagyu is best enjoyed here in thin slices and quite deliberately

Sake accompaniment 7th course

Shinsen - Umakuchi

Full-bodied sweet sake with a dry finish, rich in umami and with a malty note. The sake with rich umami emphasizes the umami of Wagyū beef.

Shokuji 食事 penultimate course

赤出し汁 胡瓜浅漬け

  • Grilled mackerel and rice cooked with maitake mushrooms and myōga
  • Miso soup
  • pickled cucumbers

After cooking rice with fragrant maitake mushrooms and myoga, it is topped with mackerel grilled to enhance its flavor.
At the end of the course, everyone is reminded of the lingering flavors of autumn.

Towards the end of a kaiseki, rice or something else is usually served for satiety

Sake is typically not served with the Shokuji course.

Kanmi 甘味 dessert


  • Hōji-Cha crème brûlée with chestnut sauce

Creamy Hōjicha pudding with smoky flavor is topped with sweet, rich Japanese chestnuts.

For dessert we serve a cup of Hōjicha (tea)

Riichiro Matsui has over 30 years of experience in fine Japanese cuisine around the world

Feedback on the autumn Kaiseki 2023

This was our sixth Kaiseki event at the sansaro restaurant in Munich.

We had a lively mix of "repeat customers" and new customers this time. Due to the long waiting list, we were able to easily fill seats from customers who spontaneously became ill.

A guest on site:

"Wonderful, you can actually taste the fall!"

A repeat couple reviewed us on OpenTable:

"What a great experience. A sensory journey through autumn. Multifaceted courses caress our nose, eyes and palate. Sensational taste experiences have also picked us up in this 6th time Kaiseki. We come again and look forward to the next season!

Another review on OpenTable:

"A wonderful Kaiseki menu - everything was just right, excellent food and a perfectly matching sake accompaniment. You feel like you are in Japan. We are already looking forward to the next time."

A guest who regularly visits sushi restaurants in Germany, London and other cities around the world:

"The Kaiseki menu was absolutely worth the money and is on par with starred restaurants!"

We are very happy about the great feedback and hope to host Kaiseki events in the future.

Since 2016, we have always organized special culinary Events around Japanese cuisine, all have their own individuality and quality. The reward for us is that the events are received with enthusiasm by our customers. Sign in our newsletter and follow us on social mediato be the first to be informed when there is something new with us.

But here you will find in the article only organizational information, we look forward to your visit to the Restaurant sansaro.

When will there be another Kaiseki event at sansaro?

Are you also interested in a Kaiseki event, but could not attend this time? 

Would you like other events about Japanese cuisine or have special questions that the Internet does not answer? 

Let us know via our contact form! 

We are always happy to receive feedback.

And who subscribed to the newsletter will of course be the first to be informed when we have another Kaiseki event, a Sake Tasting or a Whisky Tasting or other events. 

Thank you and see you soon at sansaro!

FAQ: Notes about your visit to the Kaiseki event

Our team intensively prepares everything for you: Decoration, food and drinks - everything should please your heart and your palate. 

To help us succeed, here are a few notes to get us in the mood.

Get involved with all your senses.

From the composition of the menu, to the elaborate preparations, to the arrangement of all the dishes on the plates: the chefs take the greatest pains to create little works of art for you. Enjoy everything with care, first the sight and smell of the food, then the details. This way you will fully enjoy this special kitchen culture.

Japanese sake perfectly rounds off the taste experience of Kaiseki. 

Our recommendation: choose our sake accompaniment to the kaiseki!

You do not have to make the decision regarding the sake accompaniment when booking, you can also decide on the spot in the evening. But of course you can help us with the planning if we already know about it when you make your reservation, e.g. by clicking on the "Sake Accompaniment" option.

Please understand that we may not be able to provide individual Intolerances or allergies can only be taken into account by omitting a dish - unfortunately, it is not possible to build up an alternative for all possible concerns with such an elaborate menu.

The Kaiseki event is designed to allow the concentrated and at the same time serene perception of Japanese food. This requires a certain palate and also a certain discipline. 

We therefore ask for your understanding that Dogs and children should not be present at the event - simply because you can't control whether a dog barks, a baby cries or a toddler gets cranky. 

In our view, the event is therefore not suitable for children under the age of 14. If you have a teenage foodie who you think should come along anyway, please feel free to contact us.

Bitte arrive on time at your booked time of 18.00h or 20.15h, as the entire kitchen operations depend on it. 

We have a very small kitchen and for the delicate kaiseki, you can't re-produce/send the courses individually. 

And we will be happy if you can make the occasion a appropriate clothing choose, expressing appreciation for the efforts of the chefs.

The Autumn Kaiseki 2023 costs 189,- Euro per person. The price increase compared to the last events reflects the tight staff situation and the considerable, additional working time for the elaborate preparations of the numerous courses that our small kitchen team has to invest. 

The sake accompaniment, which according to previous visitors has always added another dimension to the dishes, costs 44 euros this time.

If you can no longer get a table online, please write us an Message via the contact form with preferred date, number of persons, etc. - we will gladly put you on our waiting list and were able to make some more guests happy this way last time (and this time, too)!

The places at the Kaiseki event are in great demand, the reservation is binding. Free cancellation possible until 10 days before the event - after that only if we can give the table to someone on the waiting list. As always, payment will be made on the spot in the evening.

We are very much looking forward to your visit and hope that you will be as enthusiastic as the guests at our previous Kaiseki events

For the future, please register in our newsletter, if you are not already - because with the newsletter we can be the first to inform our interested guests about special events and menus. 

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