Kaiseki event on January 25 & 26, 2023

Also our fourth Kaiseki event was fully booked within a few hours of sending out our newsletter and we were able to experience two beautiful, relaxed evenings with very appreciative guests from Munich and the world.

Sake Tasting 29 May 2022

Outlook for the sake tasting on 29 May 2022 At the end of May, we will again hold a sake tasting, Sunday, 15.30h. Before Corona, we had regularly held a sake tasting in spring and autumn. [...]

Mini Sake Tasting March 17 2022

On March 17, we had the opportunity to celebrate the end of a workshop day by a small but nice business group with a small, individual sake mini-tasting. Our menu for the mini sake tasting on 17.03.2022 [...]

Whisky Tasting November 2021

After the long, crippling Corona break, we were eager to see how our November 2021 whiskey tasting would turn out. Despite a successful little sake tasting in October, we were admittedly still a bit [...]

Sake Tasting October 2021

Review of the October 2021 Sake Tasting A wonderful little mini-tasting event we were able to hold on Sunday afternoon in the most beautiful weather. A small group of guests, mostly repeat offenders who have already [...]

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