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Sake Tasting 29 May 2022

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Outlook for the sake tasting on May 29, 2022

At the end of May we will again host a sake tasting, Sunday, 15.30h.

Prior to Corona, we had regularly hosted a sake tasting in the spring and fall. Each tasting was an individual event that seemed to turn our guests into enthusiastic repeat visitors. On our blog, you can check out a Overview of some of the sake tastings in recent years form.

After the Corona pandemic, we then have so far only one Sake Tasting Event End 2021 and a Whisky tasting event in winter 2021 carried out. After that came again restrictions for the catering industry and a very hard time due to the curfew 22hthe consequences of which we still have to digest today. All the more we are happy that we can finally continue with our popular signature events again.

Tasting May 2022 Sake Program

This time our sake expert Natsuyo has selected a few particularly interesting sake:

  • Kuheiji Kanochi
  • Rihaku Dreamy Clouds
  • Nagurayama Yokikana
  • Sawayaka Junmai Summer Breeze
  • Shinsen Umakuchi

This much in advance: an old classic known to our regulars and four exciting sakes with very unique characters, which we have not been in the program that long.

Natsuyo introduces each sake in the tasting event


Here is a first small preview of the planned dishes - please understand that of course at short notice due to suppliers / quality expectations dishes can also change, as always. The best quality is in the foreground for us.



玉素 黒胡椒 グレープシードオイル

Spaghettini with Tamamoto sauce
Fillet and jellied broth of eel
Arugula & Black Pepper


Eel with Italian influences, served in Japanese style


-アスパラガス 海老 しその春巻き

Three delicacies to go with the sake
-Mackerel, grilled Yūan style 
-Mozzarella cheese marinated in aka miso
-Spring rolls with asparagus, shrimp and shiso


Second course with three small dishes: Asparagus wrapped in tempura, mackerel yuan-yaki and mozarella balls in aka miso.



Thinly sliced pork belly and Tōfu cooked in a soy broth.
Bean sprouts dressed with sesame oil


Pork belly on tofu with bean sprouts and sawayaka junmai



Ogura ice cream (A scoop of ice cream made with milk, eggs, cream, sugar and azuki bean paste).
Kinako (soy flour) old fashioned donuts with chocolate

Ogura ice cream with old fashioned donut

Register now for the sake tasting on May 29 - a small, special event which will introduce you to Japanese rice wine. 

If you would like to sit around after the event, talk shop and enjoy some sushi, please let us know so we can reserve a spot for you!

As always, the tasting events are an interaction of the whole team at sansaro

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