Whisky tasting at the sushi restaurant sansaro in Munich

Sansaro Whisky - Tasting

Japanese whisky is considered the best whisky in the world.

Whisky varieties such as Yamazaki, Nikka and Chichibu now regularly outrun the Scottish models. In the Japanese restaurant SUSHIYA sansaro in Munich you have the opportunity to taste the rare and expensive Japanese whisky even in small quantities.

Japanese whisky has experienced an incomparable boom in recent years. Many Japanese whisky are so sought after that prices between 200 and 2,000 euros are called for the regular bottles. We have a nice selection of cheap Japanese whisky and rare, special Japanese whisky for you. Experience the best examples of Japanese craftsmanship and enjoy the partly up to 18 years matured distillates with us.

At SUSHIYA sansaro whisky tastings are always complemented by a high-quality, individual food pairing. We guide you through various "whisky flights" with competent, experienced speakers and also explain the reasons why Japanese whiskies are so sought after. We will taste various high-quality whiskies of different price ranges and give an insight into the modern drinking culture in Japan. Don't miss these special events!

Collage from Sushi Restaurant Sushiya Munich

Whisky Tasting at Sushiya Sansaro

Explore the world of Japanese whisky with us. Anyone who has experienced our sake tastings knows that this is definitely not to be missed!

We will be tasting 5-6 interesting Japanese whiskies and as always with us at sansaro, each course will be accompanied by an individual, high-quality food pairing from our Japanese kitchen team, designed just for this event and this tasting flight. You can find a first preview of the whiskies used this time in our blog.

Participation fee including whisky, lecture and exclusive food pairing 99,- per person. Timely reservation required, places are limited. The event starts at 15.00 and lasts about 2 - 2 1/2 hours. If you want to stay afterwards, for example to talk shop with friends and enjoy our good sushi, then please let us know in advance of the event, so that we can keep the place free for you!

Whisky Tasting on 14.11.2021

Finally, we can again offer a whiskey tasting for you: on November 14, we will probably look at the following whiskeys:

  • Chichibu CHIBIDARU
  • NIKKA Coffey Malt
  • Nikka TAKETSURU 17
  • Hakushu 12
  • Yamazakura Cognac Cask finish

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Buy a voucher for one of our exclusive whisky tasting events. Japanese whisky is considered the best in the world, we will guide you through this world in tasting events with food pairing.

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