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Muroka Genshu - unfiltered strong sake

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Sake is first divided into different categories depending on the method of production, which provide information about the quality and method of production. One of the rarer categories is Muroka Genshu - here we give a brief overview of these Sake category.

What does Muroka Genshu mean?

"Muroka" (無濾過) means unfiltered and "Gen" (原) means original, "Shu" (酒) then stands for alcohol.

The term "genshu" (原酒) is therefore used to describe sake that has not been processed. 

Muroka Genshu is therefore an unfiltered, very original sake.

How is Muroka-Genshu made?

Normally, after pressing, the sake is filtered from the mash and diluted with water to regulate the alcohol content. Muroka-Genshu is made without these two steps. 

During filtration the Leaching agent removed after the sake is pressed, for which activated carbon and special machines are often used. This filtration process removes unwanted flavors and residues, resulting in a clear and transparent sake.

How does muroka genshu taste?

Unlike the filtered sake, the unfiltered sake has a richer and more natural taste. Some also has a yellowish color. 

Freshly brewed sake has a high alcohol content of about 18-20°C, which is reduced to 15-16°C by adding water to make it more drinkable. Genshu is not diluted with water, so the alcohol content remains high, but this gives it a dry, crisp finish.

Muroka Genshu as Sake category therefore means that the sake is as close as possible to the freshly brewed taste and is characterized by a strong and characteristic flavor.

How to drink muroka genshu?

We recommend drinking Muroka-Genshu well chilled, as its flavor and freshness are its most important qualities. Due to its high alcohol content and strong flavor, it is also excellent for drinking on ice or as a base for cocktails.

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