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sansaro Menu 2023

At sansaro Restaurant, we pride ourselves on offering consistent, Japanese-authentic quality over many years and many chefs & kitchen staff - since 2007. This is what sets us apart [...]

Kaiseki event on January 25 & 26, 2023

Also our fourth Kaiseki event was fully booked within a few hours of sending out our newsletter and we were able to experience two beautiful, relaxed evenings with very appreciative guests from Munich and the world.

Sake Tasting Flight from December 2022

The cityscape with its bright Christmas decorations these days increases the anticipation of the holidays. Also in the restaurant sansaro Christmas dinners with friends and family and year-end celebrations with colleagues take place [...]

Opening hours sansaro Christmas New Year 2022

An extremely eventful year with great successes lies behind us. Of course, we are already intensively planning for the Christmas and New Year's Eve period. We do not have everything yet [...]

Christmas menu 2022 sansaro

An eventful 2022 is behind us - and although there is a lot going on in our restaurant sansaro almost every evening, the kitchen team around Chef Matsui has made it [...]

A tuna for Tantris

The Tantris restaurant in Munich is not only the "oldest" star restaurant in Germany - it is a legend. All the more, of course, we are proud of a collaboration with the [...]

Credit card for reservation in sansaro

Since about 2013 we accept reservations in our restaurant sansaro for certain days only with deposit of a credit card - and are infinitely glad that this possibility exists! Here explain [...]

The Mayor of Sapporo

The mayor of Sapporo - what sounds like an old sketch by Gerhard Polt from "Fast wia im richtigen Leben" from the 80s was actually a great honor for us. [...]