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Trip to Japan

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Our (Much too small) kitchen team has just completed two great evenings with a "New Year's Eve kaiseki", the Omisoka 2023, and it's time to get back to work:

The same team that made this great New Year's Eve menu and the previously equally enthusiastically received Christmas menu made possible, now presents a Trip to Japan in 5 courses on our menu of the day.

New sansaro menu 2024

Our regular menu was recently almost a small catalog of the various Sushi types and shapes. As with everything we do, we have put a lot of love into this menu, the dishes, the recipes and the layout - so much so that even the Michelin Guide and others have praised the design of the menu.

In 2024, we are retaining the much-praised style of the menu, but focusing more on seasonal dishes that we can change again and again. This benefits us in terms of preparation and our customers when they eat. Because in recent years, the enthusiasm for special menus has always been by far the greatest. And Japanese cuisine is undoubtedly the most interesting seasonally.

Less is more

We therefore concentrate on Coat of the new menu on a (still very extensive) basic sushi menu with a focus on nigiri and gunkan, plus Sashimi and our homemade desserts. 

By the way, sashimi is always a good intermediate course and unfortunately Top-quality sashimi rare in Munich.

Of course, the thing that has distinguished us the most remains on the menu: the option for you to choose a 5 or 7 sushi omakase by the kitchens.

Basics that you can use to accompany a sushi order, for example, can now always be found at the bottom of our insert sheet, such as the super-popular Nasu Miso Itame, Edamame, our Miso soup made with dashior tempura.

Unfortunately, vegetarians and people with severe gluten sensitivities will have a somewhat more difficult time, as we have had to slightly reduce the selection in this area. Our focus continues to be on an authentic interpretation of Japanese cuisine, where Vegetarianism and allergies are more of a marginal phenomenon are.

Organic & quality still a priority

By the way: even if we still very much organic From now on, we will refrain from specifying this for every product. This is because it means that we have to record the exact numbers of all products during an annual inspection to ensure that quail eggs have not been purchased somewhere that are not organic. But to do this - logically, that's the nature of an inspection - we first have to carry out a cash register analysis to see in which dishes quail eggs were used everywhere and how often they were sold. And then we have to prove via the accounts that we have purchased almost exactly the same number of quail eggs from an organic supplier, who in turn has a valid certificate for this. If you sometimes have to go to the organic market to buy cucumbers, eggs, quail eggs and vegetables for the kitchen, then it quickly becomes a day's work to spontaneously collect these receipts again when the inspector decides to sample this or that product. Understandable, but we are happy to do without this additional administrative work. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that we will continue to purchase the best material and preferably organic, as we have always done since our foundation (!).

Trip to Japan in January

The main point of the reduced basic menu is to make it easier for us to take you along on our recommendations. There are also a few small dishes, dailies & basics that you can order individually.

In addition to popular classics such as Nasu Miso Itame or Crispy Ebi Tempura there are always new things on the menu, like the current one Lotus flower balls in a creamy sauce - Japanese connoisseurs get the real feeling that this dish is typical of the Japanese winter season.

Lotus flower balls in crab meat broth with egg and tofu

The five courses of the trip to Japan in January 2024

Or - and this is always the best option - you can go with our menu recommendation. In five courses we take you through various aspects of Japanese cuisine. Unpretentious, it is not a Kaiseki or event menubut in our usual quality. Leave the selection to our chefs!

Aburi Toro Mascarpone

Flamed tuna belly with mascarpone cheese and fresh figs and kōji miso sauce

Small starter of the journey by Minoru Oida: Aburi Toro Mascarpone

Tempura Moriawase

Small mixed tempura of fish & vegetables

Hamachi no Teriyaki

Fried yellowtail mackerel in teriyaki sauce, Blanched Japanese radish and yuzu butter

Hamachi no teriyaki with a winter radish

Sushi Omakase

5 nigiri and 1 hosomaki of the chefs' choice

Japanese nigiri sushi and a roll of hosmaki are provided on the trip!


Small dessert of the day from our patissière


The journey consists of 5 small courses that will fill you up and highlight different aspects of Japanese cuisine. Per person 109 euros, not for take-out or delivery. Of course, the contents may change at any time without prior notice. Only while stocks last per evening, first come, first serve.

We recommend that you buy yourself a nice bottle of Sake from our incomparably large selection or treat yourself with our Sake Tasting Flight approach this exciting topic.

Sharing pleasure in Japanese

SUSHIYA is passionate about Japanese cuisine and culture. In our restaurant sansaro you can encounter the fascinating Japanese cuisine or have it delivered to your home. On our homepage, Facebook and Instragram we always give insights into news and interesting topics.

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