Preview Whisky Tasting on February 25, 2018 | SUSHIYA sansaro

Preview Whisky Tasting on February 25, 2018

What our chef has come up with this time again for whiskey tasting food pairings, that really blows us away!

Zucchini blossom with wasabi gorgonzola, Wagyu tataki with whisky ginger sauce and much more - plus excellent, rare whiskies, some of which are not even on the menu: this will be a sensational event!

Preview of the Whisky Tasting at sansaro

We will treat ourselves to a total of six whiskies - five Japanese and one Scottish - set in a culinary scene.

Culinary in scene means that we will experience six wonderful food pairings matched to the respective whisky.

Eggplant blossom with miso in a gorgonzola-wasabi sauce, grilled oyster and butter-fried scallop with sea urchin sauce and grated botarga on warm organic tofu slices, wagu tataki and grilled shiitake mushrooms in ginger-whisky-soy sauce - wow! Our chef comes up with quite a bit to appropriately honor his personal favorite theme of "whiskey."

The competent accompaniment comes from Mark Armin Giesler, Brand Ambassador and Whisky Specialist at Beam Suntory. Beginning with the exciting topic of "Highball", we will devote ourselves primarily to the brands Yamazaki and Hakushu, including the Yamazaki 12, Yamazaki Burbon Barrel and Hakushu 18 - as whiskies from beginners to very high-caliber explore. Of course, Hibiki may not be missing, a whisky that some may know from "Lost in Translation" with Bill Murray. And to finish and for comparison, there is a Scotch for dessert: Glen Garioch 12. We are really looking forward to the tasting!

Secure a place now to be there and taste some top whiskies along with the unique food pairing!


The Chita as a highball to start

For starters, the Yamazaki Chita will be available in a "Highball" variant. "Highball" is extremely popular in Japan, especially among women in all social classes. In addition, our chef will serve an avocado chicff with vegetable chips.

Hibiki Japanese Harmony & Wasabi Gorgonzola Cuchini Blossom

A representative of the series of blended whiskey is the Suntory Hibiki Japanese Harmony, an extremely popular whiskey worldwide, which you can also quite from the Film "Lost in Translation by Sofia Coppola. It is accompanied by a zuchini flower with wasabi gorgonzola and miso tamago on whiskey tomato paste, decorated with edible flowers.

Yamazaki 12 with oysters & scallop

The first pure single malt is the Yamazaki 12, an age statement whisky that is still affordable and, most importantly, still available. We serve grilled oysters with butter-fried scallops, grated bottarga and organic tofu slices on a bed of cucumber and sea urchin sauce.

Yamazaki Bourbon Barrel 2013 with King Crab Terrine

Hardly affordable and hardly available is the next whisky: Yamazaki Bourbon Barrel 2013, one of the many rarities that we have procured for you around the world. This whiskey is not even on our map, it is the milder brother of the slightly smoky Hakushu Bourbon Barrel, which is just as rare and with 28 euros for 4cl even relatively cheaply calculated. Here you have in the whiskey tasting in the restaurant sansaro the unique opportunity to taste the Yamazaki Bourbon Barrel in a small shot, without having to buy a whole bottle for 400 euros.

Hakushu 18 & Wagyu Tataki

Finally, we do come to the subject of Hakushu, the sister of the Yamazaki distillery, which is known for a subtle smokiness. The Hakushu 18 years is an absolute top product and also not easy to get. A 2cl shot here usually costs 18 euros in our country. It is served in the Whisky Tasting at sansaro together with a Wagyu Tataki with grilled shiitake mushrooms on whisky ginger sauce.

Glen Garioch 12 for dessert

That's not all, because at the end of the Japanese whisky journey we come back to Europe, where it all started with whisky and the former traditional distillery Glen Garioch has been resurrected - the Glen Garioch 18, a single malt from Scotland, we serve with a small dessert of Hōjicha pannacotta with a homemade jam of fresh yuzu (!), kumquat and Glen Garioch 12.

Speaker Mark Armin Giesler

With so much high-caliber input, it's important to make an experienced helmsman to navigate us through the world of flavors: Mark Armin Giesler acts as Brand Ambassador Whisk(e)y Beam Suntory, i.e. Japan's largest whisky producer, which in recent years has taken over well-known American and Scottish brands on the side. But Mark is not only Brand Ambassador of Suntory, he also knows what he's talking about: he grew up in the wine-growing region "Nahe" (Hesse) in the vineyards of his family. Working in the beverage industry since 1998, he lived in the Scottish Highlands for 9 years and completed production training as a masher and distiller at Scotland's oldest active distillery GLENTURRET. Subsequently, in 2014, as Assistant Distillery Manager, he helped to build up the new ARDNAMURCHAN Distillery of the "Independant Bottler" ADELPHI, which he took over as Production Manager in January 2015. To put it briefly: anyone who has been responsible for whiskey production for more than 10 years can tell us something about how it works - even if it's in Hessian 😉

Notes on booking Whisky Tasting

Anyone who wants to be there should go right now to reserve online for February 25, 2018 15.30h - available seats are limited!

Very important: who wants to stay after the tasting to talk shop with friends, order some of our good sushi from 18h or delve into more whisky, please let us know explicitly in advance, so that the appropriate place can be reserved!

And if you can't be there this time, just take a look at our current drinks menu, which can be found at download and see what special whiskey rarities he can try at any time in our Munich sushi restaurant sansaro. Slàinte Mhath!

If you don't know our restaurant yet and want to learn more about us, Chef Saito and our style, just watch this video:


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