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New Year's Eve 2023 in the restaurant sansaro

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For many years now, the New Year's Eve menus in the sansaro restaurant have been a culinary highlight of our year, and our kitchen team has always successfully endeavored to put something very special on the table for our guests. 

This year we are building on the experience of our current kitchen team who, together with head chef Riichiro Matsui, have created numerous great Kaiseki Events has carried out. Sous-chef Minoru Oida, who has many years of experience with classic Japanese cuisine, presents a New Year's Eve menu that is strongly reminiscent of the Japanese cuisine. Kaiseki but also uses many ingredients that our customers love.

And so that everyone has enough time to enjoy this menu in peace, this time there is no time limit but the option to try "Omisoka" (end-of-year menu) on 30.12. or 31.12.

New Year's Eve 2023 in the restaurant sansaro

The Omisoka 2023 consists of 8 courses and costs 160 euros per person. As always, we recommend the optional Sake-Accompanied by our sommelier Natsuyo in six courses for 46 euros. 

Despite all the (enthusiastic) feedback we had repeatedly received about our Kaiseki events, one statement stood out that many guests had made independently of each other: "The sake accompaniment adds another dimension to the dishes!"

Of course, our team is very pleased about this, but it is obvious, because Kaiseki is indeed historically closely associated with sake & festive enjoyment (and not with a "meagre monk's meal", as you often read incorrectly on the Internet)

大晦日メニュー New Year's Eve menu 2023

1st course 箸割 Appetizer

和牛タタキサラダ 柚子胡椒おろし

Wagyu tataki salad with yuzu koshō and grated radish

Sake recommendation for the first course:

A glass of yuzu sake with the incomparable aroma of the Yuzuwhich is now in season.

2nd course 椀物 Soup

里芋真蒸 蟹身のせ 焼き厚揚 法蓮草 白味噌仕立て

Shiromiso soup with taro, prawns, fried tofu and spinach


As the second course is a soup, there is no sake accompaniment here.

3rd course 御造り Sashimi

魬薄造り 紅葉おろし

とろ炙り 塩昆布和え


Hamachi Usuzukuri with grated chili radish

Toro aburi with konbu seaweed

Squid with mullet roe

Sake accompaniment: Koshiki Junzukuri

For us, one of the highlights of New Year's Eve 2023: a great sashimi with lots of love and interesting flavors!

4th course 焼物 fried dish

鰻紫蘇巻き 大根

Eel wrapped in shiso, radish, eggplant

Sake accompaniment: Noguchi Naohiko

A close-up view of the eel wrapped in a shiso leaf

5th course 焼物 Sushi

魬棒寿司 トロ 鮪 鱸 握り

Hamachi Bō-Sushi

Nigiri Sushi Maguro, Toro, Suzuki

Sake accompaniment: Koshi no Kanbai MUKU

Seemingly simple, but always really good when done right: nigirizushi with two bōzushi

6th course 揚物 deep-fried dish

鯖竜田揚 蓮根はさみ揚げ 獅子唐

Mackerel tatsutaage, lotus root hasamiage, shishitō peppers

Sake accompaniment: Nanbu Bijin

Something delicious: hasamiage made from lotus root and an intense mackerel

7th gear 食事 Penultimate gear


Soba noodles with duck and leek

No sake with this course, as the noodles come in a soup

Typical at the end of the year: a menu that includes SOBA, the Japanese buckwheat noodles, which are said to embody the wish for a long life.

8th course 甘味 Dessert

黒豆 抹茶 レアチーズケーキ

Kuromame Matcha Rare Cheese Cake

Cheesecake with matcha and black beans

For dessert, a very exclusive, very expensive sake: Katsuyama GEN, an impressive dessert sake


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Reservations for New Year's Eve 2023 in the restaurant sansaro

Please book online using the link below.

We offer two reservation times for the 30.12. and 31.12.: 17.30h and 20.00h. 

As the processes in the kitchen are similar to one of our popular Kaiseki Events we ask you to arrive on time and unfortunately we cannot offer any other times in the kitchen. We are also unable to offer special menus for vegetarians or various allergies - we ask for your understanding, we are glad that we can offer a special menu at all given the current shortage of staff.

The table is reserved for you for the whole eveningThe menu itself will take about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. You are welcome to enjoy the evening with us for as long as you like, but we will close the restaurant at 11.30 pm so that you and our staff can escape or attend the fireworks on Leopoldstrasse in good time.

If you are unable to find a place online, please try other times or the 30.12.23. If this does not work, please send us a short message via the Contact form on the homepagewe will put you on a waiting list, which always has a chance of success. 

However, the total number of available places has been reduced to 38 people per day this time due to the elaborate menu and the 31.12. is fully booked as of today, but there are still better chances for the 30.12.

Don't miss this opportunity, all guests who have tried such menus with us have always been very enthusiastic about what they enjoyed that evening. There are hardly any comparable opportunities to experience Japanese cuisine in Munich.

Gluten & allergies in Ōmisoka 2023 in sansaro

Please note that we cannot take gluten intolerances and allergies into consideration with such an elaborate menu! 

By using soy sauce in marinades and flour in tempura, the Japanese cuisine has many points of contact with gluten. A gluten-free Japanese meal is an unusual custom-made product, so to speak. We try to serve our customers in the best possible way by sourcing organic flour from ancient grains and using high-quality products. However, we cannot make any changes due to individual intolerances. In our experience, however, even the very small amounts of gluten in the menus we serve are not a problem for gluten-sensitive guests.

Sharing pleasure in Japanese

SUSHIYA is passionate about Japanese cuisine and culture. In our restaurant sansaro you can encounter the fascinating Japanese cuisine or have it delivered to your home. On our homepage, Facebook and Instragram we always give insights into news and interesting topics.

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