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Sake Tasting Flight

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Sake Tasting Flights at Restaurant sansaro

In our Restaurant sansaro in Munich Since 2009, we have been working intensively on the topic of Japanese sake - which offers far more richness of flavor and variety than was commonly known in Germany.

Unfortunately, premium sake is very expensive in Germany. This is due on the one hand to the complex manufacturing process the often small, craft breweries. On the other hand, of course, good sake is then shipped to Europe chilled by the bottle and has a correspondingly high purchase price there. And we understand very well that it is difficult to orient oneself as to which sake tastes how - you don't just try a bottle for 80 euros in a restaurant if you don't know the usual frame of reference, for example, of wine varieties and wine-growing regions. Especially since very few Germans have spent the last 30 years with the Sake regionality have dealt with. It is and remains a different, distant world.

Try expensive premium sake cheap

Our solution to this, which we have been working on for years, is our Sake Tasting Flights.

Time and again, we put together seasonal specific sakes that we want to present. Most of the time, these are premium sakes from our drinks menu with bottle prices between 50 and 200 euros. Sometimes, however, there is also an exciting sake among them, which we do not have on the menu. We sell this Sake Tasting Flight at a very fair price: 3 Sake à 4cl cost under 20 Euro, 3 Sake à 10cl cost under 40 Euro.

Above all, it is a nice opportunity to approach the subject of sake to taste the variety itself sensory, aromatic and gustatory.

Three Sake in the Sake Tasting Flight always differently mixed together, but always Premium

Tasting Cards with further info

The highlight: typically SUSHIYA we have worked long to make the tasted sake also visible for the guests and classify. We have developed cards on which the sake can be seen, short information can be found, a classification in a flavor matrix and a link to further information (does not work at the moment, but we will catch up).

The work behind it to accurately translate the subject of sake, the names, designations and information into the German language and culture, to cast everything into a sound, beautiful layout with high-quality printed cards, is unimaginable (at least if you work with as much attention to detail as we do) - on occasion, an article explaining the intercultural differences as well.

An early test version of our Sake Tasting Cards for the Sake Tasting Flight - at that time three sakes printed on one card.

Enormous variety and selection of sake in the restaurant sansaro

Anyway, there is an almost absurd selection of sake in our restaurant: we currently have over 30 types of sake on offer. All of them sake of the premium categories, which we ourselves find interesting or meaningful. We source the sake from half a dozen different suppliers (!), which complicates the ordering process and stock-keeping enormously, but ensures us a unique variety and depth in our assortment. We do what we ourselves are passionate about sake.

Sake Tasting Flight in the restaurant sansaro, which are here in jugs of 10 cl.

For the guest, this means that he can always discover exciting sakes with us, which are served on a (specially made from our wood used in the restaurant) valuable wooden board, plus sound information and the chance to discover the world of sake from dry to sweet. With the help of our diligent Sake Sommerlière Natsuyo you will get a new, always exciting insight into the most different Sake. Be sure to give us a try - we look forward to your visit!

PS: We do not always publish an extra article per Tasting Flight

Sharing pleasure in Japanese

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