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Sake Tasting Flight from April 2022

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With the growing popularity of Sake around the world, more and more people are enjoying sake even in our restaurant sansaro. However, for sake novices, choosing the first bottle among the many varieties can be a daunting task. In such cases, we invite you to try our Sake Flight. Our Sake Flight is carefully designed to introduce guests to the different flavors and characteristics of sake. Of course, it is also a great opportunity for experienced sake drinkers to discover sake they have never tried before.

Hōyō Junmai Daiginjō "Kura no Hana"

This month's Sake Flight begins with a Junmai Daiginjō from the oldest brewery in Miyagi Prefecture. The rice used for this sake is a special sake rice, which was developed in Miyagi Prefecture. The name of this rice, "Kura no Hana", translates as "flower of the brewery". It is said that the sake brewed with this rice smells like a flower that enchants people. As the name suggests, the glass exudes a delightful aroma of white flowers, yellow apples and pears. On the palate it is very light and delicate, but also complex with nuances of anise and white chocolate. In fact, it is one of the (many) favorite sake of our boss.

Rihaku Junmai Ginjō "Wandering Poet"

Next up is the Junmai Ginjō "Wandering Poet" by Rihaku Brewery in our Tasting Flight starting in April. 

Shimane Prefecture, where Rihaku Brewery is located, is considered the birthplace of Japanese sake. 

The sake was named in honor of the famous Chinese poet Rihaku (Chinese pronunciation of his name: Li Bai), who is said to have written many beautiful poems while drinking sake. 

This product is an all-rounder that goes well with many different dishes and also offers a very typical, authentic sake taste. We have had the sake on our menu for many years and it is still very popular with regulars and new customers. Simply a good classic.

Matsu no Tsukasa Junmai Daiginjō "Azolla 50"

Last but not least, there is Matsu no Tsukasa from Shiga Prefecture. 

This brewery is strongly committed to rice cultivation in an ecological environment. The name of the product "Azolla" is the scientific name of the seaweed ferns that grow only in pesticide-free rice fields. This sake was named after them to express confidence and pride as it is made only from organic rice. The number 50 represents the degree of polishing of the sake, meaning that 50 % of the original weight of the rice grain has been polished away. This sake develops an intense umami in the mouth, while the wonderfully rounded, fine and delicate flavor still allows the power of the original rice to shine through.

Enjoy the full flavor of the rice that the farmers and brewers have painstakingly produced.

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