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Junmai Daiginjō

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Japanese sake can be impressive flavor wonders. In order to distinguish between the different sake classes, the differentiation by Sake category meaningful. Junmai Daiginjō (純米大吟醸) is one of the two Sake types of höchsten premium category.

What does Junmai Daiginjō mean?

The "Dai" (大) at the beginning of the second part of the name of this quality grade means "big".

So while the middle level with Ginjō means "particularly carefully fermented", we have to do here with the "Great Ginjō". Translated, the complete name Junmai Daiginjō then means something like "made of pure rice and fermented with very great care".

What criteria must a Junmai Daiginjō sake meet?

To achieve this top quality, more than half of the rice is scraped off and fermented at low temperatures for long periods of time. Often 75 % or even more of the rice is polished away. The polishing process requires a great deal of skill and effort, and even the rice that has been shaved so small must be handled gently in the rest of the production process. Brewers must closely monitor each process without pause and work particularly carefully.

What does a Junmai Daiginjō sake taste like?

Junmai Daiginjō offers a refined taste of the concentrated flavor of rice. Particularly noteworthy is the balance between the distinct aroma and rich flavor.

Junmai Daiginjō should usually be served chilled (less often slightly warmed).

Junmai Daiginjō needs air and space. An airy glass or ceramic vessel is appropriate for this purpose. Many breweries recommend sommelier wine glasses as a suitable drinking vessel.

A Junmai Daiginjō is a special accompaniment from appetizer to main course.

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