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Valentine's Day 2022
An excursion into Japanese cuisine, to explore and enjoy. As a Bentō box for home or as a menu in the restaurant.
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Valentine menu 2022


Finally another Valentine's Day at the restaurant -. 

for this we open extra on Monday, February 14, 2022.

Chef Matsui & kitchen team have again designed a wonderful combination of different dishes that can be enjoyed or ordered for home.

1st course appetizer

3 variations of organic chicken prepared in different Japanese ways

  • Tori Dango Secchu Age 鶏団子雪中揚げ

Dango - fried meatballs in Japanese dashi sauce with grated turnip and spicy paprika

  • Tori Momo Tsuke Yaki 鶏もも漬け焼き

oven-grilled marinated chicken leg with kumquat and Jerusalem artichoke chips

  • Tori Muneniku no Sakamushi, Tosa-to Jelly 鶏胸肉の酒蒸し、土佐酢ジュレ

Steamed plucked chicken breast fillet with Japanese sliced cucumber, sundried tomatoes, ponzu jelly and deep fried almond flakes.

2nd gear SUSHI


Oshizushi is pressed sushi, sometimes known as hako-zushi


  • Marinated Wagyu Beef Tartar spicy seared with grated ginger

  • 3 kinds of shrimp (black tiger, lobster, Bavarian shrimp) with shrimp miso

  • Marinated white fish (hamachi) with umeboshi and konbu

3rd course main course

Three variations of Oraking Salmon:

  • Ora King "Age Hitashi オラキング揚げ浸し

fried Oraking in soy sauce/Dashi broth with grated radish sweet/sour and myo grated radishes

  • Ora King Moromi-Miso Yaki オラキングもろみ味噌焼き

Marinated Oraking (in Shio Kōji) grilled in the oven, with Moromi Miso and Kinome (a poem!)

  • Ora King Chan Yaki オラキングちゃんちゃん焼き

A regional dish from Hokkaido: Oraking cooked with special miso sauce, Chinese cabbage, shiitake, peppers and butter (even more a poem!!)

4th course dessert

As always, a fine homemade dessert....

  • Strawberry mochi roll with fresh strawberry and anko いちごの餡子巻き
  • Awayuki-kan with strawberry sauce いちご淡雪羹
  • Strawberry butter cookie (with ground strawberries) いちごクッキー


  • In the evening from 18:30 to 22:xx
  • We will be very happy to see you in the restaurant!
  • Seating is limited, please reserve online.
  • As of 9.2.2022 we are unfortunately fully booked.
  • There is only this menu, no vegetarian options, no à la carte
  • Menu price per person 69 euros.
  • We recommend our sake/wine accompaniment or a sake from our phenomenal selection. Let our sake expert advise you in the evening!

Info for collection 
and delivery

  • Please pre-order in time, quantities are very limited.
  • Delivery and collection between 17.30h and 18.30h
  •  We recommend our small sake tasting flight as a drink pairing.
  •  Well also fits the Katsuyama EN - but will you take a look at our truly comprehensive sake selection and treat yourself to a nice bottle.
  • Since we do not know how many deliveries we will get to which part of the city, delivery times may change and we will contact you regarding this.
  • We deliver the Valentine's Day 2022 menu in beautiful Japanese disposable bento boxes as standard, or on request for a deposit in the recyclable Japanese Shokado box
  • For the reusable shokado box, please make sure to use only chopsticks, no "western" cutlery, it will scratch the box. We need the box back within the same week.
  • A box at the price of 69,- Euro is designed for one person. But, of course, the idea of the menu is that you both order a box and exchange ideas about who likes which method of preparation the best.
  • UPDATE Tuesday 8.2.22: at the moment order stop for Take Out store because expected sold out.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter, if not already done - in March we are planning again a very special event!

Our Sake summer lière has again a small Sake tasting flight compiled for home:

  • Umakuchi Shinsen
  • Dassai 45
  • Rihaku Wandering Poet

Just enjoy the sake in beautiful wine glasses or order with us in the store matching our sake nosing glasses.

Experience shows that our special boxes are sold out after a few days, so do not wait too long