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Sake Tasting Flight from June 2022

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Maybe you think that sake must be drunk hot? And that therefore it would not be suitable to drink it in the warm season? If so, then you are wrong. 

There is nothing better than drinking a glass of cool sake on a warm day!

In fact, a premium sake like Ginjō, Daiginjō, Junmai Ginjō or Junmai Daiginjō, tastes best chilled! The Japanese even have their own, almost lyrical, names for the various Temperature ranges recommended for sake.

On the terrace of sansaro, surrounded by beautiful green maple trees, you will feel like in Japan on an atmospheric summer day. Sake can not be missing there. 

For the Sake Flight starting in June, we have selected three sake varieties that are perfect for this season.

Akitabare Daiginjō "Suirakuten"

We start with the Daiginjō, "Suirakuten" from the Akita Brewery.

This sake is a true masterpiece!  Carefully - drop by drop - the mash is left to settle after a traditional method called "Fukuro-shibori" pressed and after brewing, the sake matures in the bottle for another two years. 

It has a lively nose full of berries, mangoes, white grapes and floral elements, but its taste is incredibly nuanced - unassuming but complex. This sake is also called "Heaven of Tipsy Delight" in English, in reference to its Japanese name, because you feel like you're in heaven when you drink it.

Koshi no Kanbai Junmai Ginjō "Sai"

The second sake is "Sai" from the legendary Koshi no Kanbai brand, which represents the light, dry sake style of the famous Niigata sake region.

This Junmai Ginjō is not a super fruity sake, but rather clear and refined, with a mineral note reminiscent of sea salt.

Remarkable in this sake is the perfect balance between umami, that is, a full-bodied taste on the one hand and an elegant finesse on the other.

Hōyō Junmai "Summer Breeze"

Last but not least we have a Junmai-shu with the name "Summer Breeze". With its fresh aroma with a hint of lime and a juicy taste, this sake should please many people. 

A very drinkable sake that can be served with both Kaiseki-specialties as well as with simpler dishes.

What do you think? Which sake do you like best? We are looking forward to your opinion!

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