Review Sushi Course Exclusive on June 28, 2018

Review first Sushi Course Exclusive in June 2018

Our sushi cooking courses - as well as our Sake Tastings and Whisky tastings - enjoy the highest popularity because we approach each event individually and with a lot of personal commitment. The Sushi courses in small groups of up to twelve people are always booked up months in advance and again and again we receive requests for additional sushi courses as team events or friends parties etc.. We check each request individually, but it is very difficult in the evenings, as we do not yet have separate premises for a course with small groups. Now, for the first time, we were able to handle an additional sushi course as an exclusive event in Munich at noon.....

Our sushi classes always take place on Sunday at noon, because that is the only day when our restaurant is not in operation at noon- SUSHIYA sansaro is a restaurant first, which means most guests come to eat with us and we don't want to upset our guests by unexpectedly closing the restaurant. Therefore, it is difficult for us to offer additional dates for sushi classes. Nevertheless, on Thursday, June 28, we took a chance and offered an exclusive sushi class for a small group of 4 people. The course was a kind of team event and we had a lot of fun: a little more compact and lighter than usual, our chef was able to take a look into the world of sushi with four interested participants.

If you are interested in your own sushi course, please feel free to contact us via our contact form. We will gladly try to plan an individual event for you, depending on your schedule and budget we will try to find a good solution for you. For more news about sushi courses and tasting events watch out for our newsletter and our Facebook page - we are looking forward to your visit!

Sushi Course Munich in Sushi Restaurant Sushiya
Sushi Course Exclusive in SUSHIYA sansaro in Munich
Sushi Course Munich in Sushi Restaurant Sushiya
This time Saito-San does (almost) everything alone, here the mixing of rice and vinegar demonstrated
Sushi Course Munich in Sushi Restaurant Sushiya
Great opportunity to record the rolling of the sushi maki directly yourself in the sushi course in sansaro
Sushi Course Munich in Sushi Restaurant Sushiya
The royal class in sushi homemade: Nigiri, the most popular form of sushi in Japan
Sushi Course Munich in Sushi Restaurant Sushiya
Look closely at the sushi course at sansaro

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