Sake Tasting Flight from September 2022

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With summer drawing to a close, another new season is upon us and it's time to introduce a new Sake Flight. 

The Sake Tasting Flight, which we introduced in the summer, was very well received by our guests. But the new selection again offers a unique opportunity to taste top products from some of Japan's most popular sake breweries.

Kuheiji Junmai Daiginjō "Betsuatsurae"

The highlight of this flight is Kuheiji Betsuatsurae of Banjō Brewery.

Betsuatsurae 別誂 means "specially made" and is the name for products that are at the top of each brewery. 

This brewery is also famous for the fact that its products were the first to be used in a Michelin restaurant in Paris, and is characterized by its complex flavor that can be harmonized with Western cuisine. This sake of the class Junmai Daiginjō was brewed from Yamada Nishiki, the finest sake rice. Its polish level of 35% already indicates experienced craftsmanship and fine flavors. It begins with a delicate aroma reminiscent of lychee, and after a minerally refreshing first impression, it transitions to a palate of concentrated sweetness and full-bodied umami.

Enjoy the changing Taste at different temperatures, from the fresh taste when well chilled to the fuller taste near room temperature.

Suigei Junmai Ginjō "Ginrei"

The second sake is a Junmai Ginjō named Ginrei of the Suigei Brewery. 

Kōchi Prefecture, where the brewery is located, is a treasure chest of culinary diversity surrounded by beautiful sea and mountains.

The local people have a culture of hosting guests with delicious food and sake.

Especially popular there is the sake that complements the food. Ginrei is really a sake that has been loved by the Japanese in this region for many years. Its subtle aroma, rich umami and clean aftertaste make the sake a perfect companion for Sushi and Sashimi.

He is also the favorite sake of our (former) cook Satomi, who has unfortunately moved on in the meantime and is again devoting herself to new challenges somewhere in the world.

Imayo Tsukasa Junmai "Black"

Finally, we present an extremely dry sake. 

Its name is "Black" from the brewery Imayo Tsukasa. Thanks to its dryness, this sake goes well with oily fish as well as meat and rich dishes. 

In the near future, many delicious, high-fat dishes will be on our daily menu at the Restaurant sansaro stand, such as Shake Harasu (fat belly piece of salmon, with us always Label Rouge quality) or Hamachi no Kama (cheek of yellowtail shrimp), which you should definitely combine with these dishes!

Enjoy the new Sake Tasting Flight!


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Eel is a classic of Japanese cuisine. In Germany, the fish is mainly enjoyed smoked, in Japan you know many

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