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Sushibar Munich Schwabing closed

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Also privately we always like to visit all kinds of Japanese restaurants and of course sushi bars.

Unfortunately, good Sushi restaurants in Munich and so in summer 2022 we have to report that the legendary sushi bar in Marschallstrasse has closed.

Background to the Sushi Bar Munich Schwabing

Kosta Baboulis' sushi bar at Marschallstraße 2, opened in 2001, was long considered a benchmark of best Japanese sushi in Munich. 

Many experienced sushi masters have worked there, the fish has always been of very good quality - and the selection of different Nigiri and Gunkan absolutely unbeaten. 

Kosta comes from Greece and therefore has the best relations with fishermen there. Many Japanese restaurants in Munich have always been happy to buy fresh tuna from him.

Sashimi of salmon and tuna in sushi bar in Munich Schwabing 2022

In the past, the sushi bar also had a stylish, small branch in a courtyard on Maximilianstraße and in individual hotels or cafes in Munich, as well as a delivery service that also delivers very good quality. We have also ordered there again and again with pleasure, especially Nigiri and Gunkan were very good for a delivery service.

Sushi plate at Sushibar Munich with typical colorful but stylish look of Sushibar.

Personally, we no longer liked the roll sizes and, in recent years, the taste of the rice - the rolls were often too big to be chewed in a relaxed manner, which is very important for Japanese sushi. However, this is a detailed criticism and the other parameters (rice, seasoning, fish) were always at a relatively high level.

All in all, the Sushi Bar in Munich is an establishment that was known for its high quality and therefore deserves respect.

Plate with (somewhat large) Uramaki, Hosomaki and ganuz excellent Gunkan and Nigiri from the Sushi Bar Marschallstrasse

Since August 2022 Sushi Bar Marschallstrasse closed

In August 2022, we suddenly read that the Sushi Bar is on summer vacation - as one can interpret the text on the homepage, with a somewhat uncertain outcome. A few days later, the homepage seems to be temporarily shut down completely.

We hope that the Sushi Bar will not have to close permanently and that we will see Kosta & his team again soon. If we hear any news about Sushi Bar Munich Schwabing, it will be here!

PS: In 2023, Kosta reopened his sushi bar as "Dolarosa & Sushibar" in a club restaurant in Bogenhausen. However, this location was apparently given a short life, as the websites are no longer accessible at the end of 2023 and rumor has it that the sushi bar has now closed for good.

Contact: Sushi Bar | Marschallstraße 2, 80802 Munich | Tel. 089 388996065 | Website

Alternatives to the SushiBar in Munich

As an alternative to Kosta Baboulis' sushi bar, we could recommend the following restaurants in the broadest sense:

JapaTapa Toshibar - near Münchner Freiheit (in the former sushi bar location!)

Kaito - Gabelsbergerstrasse

Haguruma - Baader Street

And of course our own Restaurant sansaro in the Amalienpassage. 

Unfortunately, good Japanese cuisine is very difficult to find in Munich, and restaurants where you can get anywhere near acceptable sushi quality are becoming increasingly rare. We hope that you will support good taste and seek out the truly Japanese restaurants so that awareness of the variety, depth and flavor of Japanese cuisine will spread.


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