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JapaTapa Toshibar Munich Schwabing

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With great expectations, almost longingly, we ourselves and many other lovers of Japanese cuisine in Munich have been waiting for what has been announced for some time: that Toshio Kobatake, called Toshi, opened a restaurant again, after his previous restaurant "Toshi" in Wurzererstrasse closed relatively abruptly in early 2022 was.

New Toshi restaurant opens in Munich

Now the time has finally come: on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, Toshi has his "Japatapa Toshibar" opened at Marschallstrasse 2 in the former premises of the Sushi Bar. 

And of course we were there that very evening to congratulate Toshi and wish him a good start - because Japanese cuisine in Munich is close to our hearts, not only in our own restaurant sansarobut also as guests and lovers of the Japanese cuisine.

And already on the first evening the place was full of old fans of Toshi and the Sushi Bar, Japanese families and Japanese or Japanese speaking business people.

A bit of authentic izakaya, a bit of habitual restaurant

Premises of the former Sushibar Marschallstrasse

We see this with a crying and a laughing eye, because the Sushibar in Marschallstrasse was for many years also a guarantor for good Japanese sushi in Munich. The Sushi bar loss is sad, we remain further on it, what owner Kosta plans according to rumor in Bogenhausen and will report on it.

New concept: Iazakaya + menus

Munich gains a new Japanese high-class pub with sushi from Toshi at the usual location. 

The new concept is also a deliberate downsizing from the large previous restaurant on Wurzerstrasse, which required many employees and a lot of rent. It goes to a smaller location, whose seats are scarcer and at times a little narrow and dark. The menu provides mainly menu options, which we can always recommend in Toshi and Japanese cuisine in principle.

À la Carte there is in the "new Toshi" at the moment actually only Sushi & Sashimi

What is exciting - and probably the new key point - is the concept of Japatapa Ippinwhere you can choose from about 20 small snacks seven for 77 euros. Among them are small classics like Karaage, Dorade Carpaccio, Iberico pork neck or Buta Kakuniki (pork belly, very tender!). A great concept to share and snack together.

Taste & enjoy: Shabu Shabu + Sukiyaki

The menus then start at 88 euros: a 9-course menu as a foray into Japanese cuisine, a "Kaiseki" menu for 99 euros - menus always go by the table.

Alternatively there is still the choice from Sukiyaki or Shabu-Shabu from two persons, but only with advance booking. 

So you may have to plan a little ahead, also always allow enough time. Good Japanese cuisine, especially if the hot cuisine and the Sushi/Sashimi section are involved, is not FastFood in the preparation. Take your time, enjoy the evening and get involved with the extensive selection of drinks, where you can always try something.

No more teppanyaki at Toshi

Unfortunately, the Japatapa Toshibar does not have a Teppan-Yaki more - the location is simply too small for that. That's a shame, because there's not a single Japanese teppanyaki restaurant left in Munich, and Toshio is actually a teppanyaki chef by origin. But the new location also offers a more intimate setting, a bit more of an atmosphere like in a high-quality, authentic Japanese izakaya.

Conclusion: a new Toshi in the making

The generous Toshi from Wurzererstrasse "downzusizen" to the small premises of the sushi bar is certainly a challenge. The interior is so far still almost original the former sushi bar, here we will see whether with time the decoration is still changed or not.

Service and cuisine will still have to settle in. We are sure that Toshi and his wonderfully Japanese-charming wife will succeed. It could be a really quaint, but still stylish Japanese pub with a beautiful Japanese flair. 

Japatapa Toshibar is a great way to spend an evening in the style of a high class izakaya with plenty of time and quiet. Japanese businessmen sit at the bar, toasting the new opening with Toshi from time to time and giving the restaurant its own authentic flair. 

It's great that Toshi is back! The Munich gastro scene needs him!

Toshio Kobatake and SUSHIYA founder Alexander Reinelt at the opening night of JapaTapa Toshibar.

Address: Marschallstr. 2 (near Münchner Freiheit)

Phone number: +49 89 2554 6942

Current opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 17-22 h

Go directly to the reservation at Japatapa Toshibar, where you can also pre-order special menus. Our tip: get involved with the menus and pre-order, because Japanese cuisine is best when it knows in advance what to prepare for the guest.

Toshio Kobatake and his wife provide Japanese flair at Marschallstrasse 2 in the Japatapa Toshibar

Alternatives to JapaTapa Toshibar in Munich

If Toshi is closed, too far away or fully booked, we can recommend the following Japanese restaurants in Munich:

Kaito - Gabelsbergerstrasse

Kitcho - near Maximiliansstrasse

Haguruma - Baader Street

J-Bar - small izakaya in May Street

And of course our own Restaurant sansaro in the Amalienpassage, where we always deal in depth and with great attention to detail with different topics such as Kaiseki, Sake or Bento employ

All restaurants, of course, have a slightly different orientation, different qualities and characters. Make up your own mind and do not fall for the Pseudo Sushi Restaurants that always sprout up anew on every corner in Munich.

Sharing pleasure in Japanese

SUSHIYA is passionate about Japanese cuisine and culture. In our restaurant sansaro you can encounter the fascinating Japanese cuisine or have it delivered to your home. On our homepage, Facebook and Instragram we always give insights into news and interesting topics.