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An overview of Japanese restaurants in Munich and insight into where to find good and where to find the best Sushi can find in Munich

For many decades we observe the Sushi scene in Munich, at some point we started to open our own restaurant. But because good Japanese cuisine is close to our hearts, here is one of the restaurants, which we can generally also recommend for sushi & Japanese cuisine in Munich.

Kitcho Wurzererstrasse - insider tip?

The Kitcho has been on the scene of sushi restaurants in Munich for at least 25 years - but always inconspicuous, it does not talk about itself through any special features or events. Many overlook the Kitcho therefore and also we had to go after long years again for a retest to check our old impressions. One thing can be said: the Kitcho remains true to itself.

Ambience at Kitcho

The ambience at Kitcho makes you feel Japan. Beautiful shoji with carvings, as well as dark wood paneling and a touch of antiquity, in the form of a shrine hanging in the corner and in the shop window a miniature Yoroi (traditional Japanese armor). At the sushi counter we even believe to recognize the Japanese wood craft Kumiko. 

Where else can you find this in Munich? Typical Japanese placemat in kitcho, albeit wrapped in plastic

Also, unfortunately, very Japanese: lots of plastic and stuff standing around. We assume that it is due to the pandemic period and that all conceivable contact surfaces were covered with plastic in this phase to be wipeable without problems. However, there is also a Japanese tendency to just functionally put everything possible in the room, which is evident here. 

Covering everything, really everything, with plastic and completely sealing off the bar from the guest room as if it were a laboratory gives a strange feeling. 

The stagnant air in the store, even at moderate temperatures, is counteracted by a fan placed on one of the guest tables - as a Japanese, you block out the chaos standing around and focus on beautiful little things like a Japanese vase hanging on the wall or the always lovely, lovely dishes. 

For German guests, this is sometimes an irritating ambience and does not seem representative, but holds a treat for connoisseurs.

Sushi & hot cuisine at Kitcho - open for lunch and dinner

In terms of food, Kitcho offers down-to-earth home cooking plus sushi and sashimi. The Sashimi was served on very nice dishes and visually skillfully arranged. Unfortunately, on the first of three visits, a certain sandy bite around the hokkigai mussels remained in distinct memory. 

Bento set menu at lunch at Kitcho restaurant in Munich in September 2022

What also did not completely thrill us were the gunkan and the in-house signature roll. The gunkan was well-balanced, but the nori leaf was so loosely formed that the boat almost threatened to fall apart while eating. In addition, the bite of the nori leaf was rather very tough, it lacks the nice crunchy texture of, for example, the nori in the Kaito. 

Overall, the Uramaki seem clearly too thick, even though this has been the house style for many years: a sushi roll should always be pleasant to chew in a normal-sized mouth. The house signature roll, meanwhile, offered nothing special, being just another Uramaki.

Uramaki in Kitcho have always been a bit too big for our liking

However, if you compare Kitcho in terms of sushi with some other Japanese restaurants in Munich, one of the special things about Kitcho is that you can basically enjoy Japanese flavor and sometimes Japanese charm in the service.

Karaage at Kitcho restaurant in Munich in summer 2022

Conclusion: the kitcho has its own hidden qualities

Kitcho is a small, somewhat aging restaurant where you can feel Japan - one of the last opportunities in Munich! Among Japanese it is considered cheap, not particularly exclusive.

The strength of the kitcho lies on Sashimi and the warm kitchen. 

It is nice to admire the beautiful Japanese tableware in the kitcho and to take pleasure in apparent trifles, such as the finely chopped Japanese tsuma radish, which is served as a garnish in the sashimi. 

At this point, real Japan feeling can arise in the Kitcho and for this it is almost a little insider tip in Munich! 

If you keep your expectations in check and aren't looking for upscale cuisine, we can definitely recommend Kitcho.

Better to go here and get involved in some apparent quirkiness than to one of those pseudo-sushi places with nothing Japanese behind it!

Beautiful tableware at the Japanese restaurant Kitcho in Munich contributes a lot to the restaurant experience - if you are able to engage with such details...

Opening hours & accessibility Kitcho Munich

Visitable at lunchtime as in the evening, but number of guests reduced, probably due to lack of kitchen staff.

Contact: Kitcho | Wurzerstraße 14, 80539 Munich | 089 22 83 882| No website, only one Facebook page, which is maintained leidlich.
Reservation recommendation by phone - remember, Japanese cuisine is best when it can prepare for you!

Small vase on the wall - it's the subtleties that give Kitcho Japanfeeling