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An overview of Japanese restaurants in Munich and insight into where to find good and where to find the best Sushi in Munich - here we write about a few Japanese restaurants & pubs in Munich that we would generally recommend.

In Maistrasse, near Kapuzinerplatz, there has been a small, very quaint izakaya for many years. 

Unlike some trendy stores in the nearby Glockenbachviertel, however, this izakaya was always run in a Japanese way. We also always liked to go there for a good Japanese snack: the cuisine was now not of the finest quality with the absolute best material, but there was Japanese flavor and atmosphere and at times an unbeatably cheap, simple Sashimi.

We have therefore recommended the J-Bar on our website again and again for many years and have sent many customers there.

Good sashimi for little money in a rustic atmosphere at the J-Bar in Munich 2015

J-Bar Munich Maistrasse 28

Reopened in 2023

For a few months now, the J-Bar has no longer been run by its former owner, but by Satomi Oikawa, who used to work for us and whom we really appreciate as a chef and a person. The chef Masami Saito, who also used to work for us, is now the figurehead. The two of them spent some time at the Tokami which, according to the stories, came to a very inglorious end. But that's another story...


Tested and found to be good

When we finally had the opportunity to visit the J-Bar under its new management, the sushi chef was unfortunately on sick leave and so there was "only" hot food. But that doesn't have to be a shortcoming: the wonderful Satomi served up some hot dishes in her charming way, which were great fun to try. These included kimchi, a Japanese potato salad (good!), mackerel in miso (very good!) and a few other delicacies...


Entry: kimchi and Japanese potato salad on a giant spoon

Overall, it must be said, the cuisine is for our today, fine taste rather on the spicy-strong side - but all in all good and obviously arranged with much love. This evening, unfortunately, we could not even try everything that was on the menu - but we hope to catch up soon...


Conclusion: quaint, small Japanese izakaya under new management

The J-Bar in Maistrasse has its own charm, not so much for a business meeting or date, but great for a short visit to Japan. 

The quality is improved by the experienced chefs. The owners Satomi and Saito are charming, educated and warm hosts. It's worth it, especially because you don't just get sushi here, but also other authentic Japanese fare.

Our opinion: Go there and simply try what the menu has to offer! As of early 2024, we think the J-Bar is one of the best addresses in Munich for that Japanese feeling!

Contact: J-Bar | Maistrasse 28, 80337 Munich | Tel. 089 51469983 | no website

Opening hours: Thursday to Monday, 18:00 - 22:30, Tuesday and Wednesday day off.

Attention: no card payments, cash only!

A small tasting portion of butashoganiku - nice and spicy

Alternatives to the J-Bar in Munich

If J-Bar is closed, too far away or fully booked, we can recommend the following four restaurants, which are also run by Japanese chefs:

Kaito - Gabelsbergerstrasse

Kitcho - near Maximiliansstrasse

Haguruma - Baader Street

JapaTapa Toshibar - near Münchner Freiheit

And of course our own Restaurant sansaro in the Amalienpassage.

As a general rule, it's always a good idea to make reservations in advance at any real Japanese restaurant, as Japanese cuisine (done right) requires a lot of preparation!

Sharing pleasure in Japanese

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