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Sake Tasting Flight December 2021

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The sake tasting flights at sansaro restaurant offer you the wonderful opportunity to taste ever-changing, different sake from our unbeatable range. Here we introduce our new Tasting Flight, which will be served from the 2021 Christmas season.

While most beers and wines are named after the brewery or their region of origin, the name of Sake very unique and usually has an interesting story to tell or a special meaning. The naming of Japanese sake ranges from funny to romantic, historical to lyrical - and that's exactly why it can be fun to pick a sake simply because of its name.

In this festive time around Christmas and the turn of the year, which is particularly important in Japan, the Japanese like to enjoy sake with festive names or give them to their loved ones as gifts. And so we have also selected for our new sake tasting flight in the restaurant sansaro a series of sake with promising names for you. We start with a very special sake, which was imported exclusively for SUSHIYA.

By the way, a little tip: the sake that we have open for the tasting flight, you can also try individually or reorder, as a glass or small pot. Ask the service for it.

Junmai Daiginjō "Koshi no Kanbai Kinmuku"

The Koshi no Kanbai brewery enjoys an outstanding reputation among lovers of finely tuned Japanese sake. For example, the sake "Muku" from Koshi no Kanbei is an absolute favorite sake of our sake expert Natsuyo.
The specially for restaurant Sansaro imported to Germany, the significantly more expensive "Kinmuku" is a prestigious sake for special occasions such as New Year celebrations, weddings or anniversaries. Its name stands for "pure gold," reminiscent of the glitter of stars in the Milky Way. The crystal clear drops, carefully brewed by the experienced brewers, are amazingly smooth and refined, yet full of flavor. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a glass of the finest Junmai Daiginjō to try in front of a legendary brewery that once shaped an era of Japanese sake. The opportunity to taste this exclusive sake of Koshi no Kanbai open in the tasting flight is literally cheap, because the whole bottle costs regularly 145 euros in the restaurant. 

Junmai Ginjō "Fukuju Kōbe Classic"

The next is "Fukuju", named after the seven gods that bring good luck. Our regulars have known the sake for many years, yet it's always good. Brewed with the mineral-rich spring waters of Nada in Kōbe, a district known for its historic sake production, this one is Junmai Ginjō robust and full-bodied. Its lush aromas of ripe peaches and melons have also fascinated the guests of the Nobel Prize dinner.

Junmai Koshu "Daishichi Futo-Ō"

The final of this flight is the Futo-Ō. The name comes from a skipjack, a symbol of resilience that reflects the vitality of life. This amber-colored sake with velvety texture and deep, wild flavors is a rare koshu (aged sake) that has been aged for many years after production. Its flavor is complex and full of umami, and unfolds slowly as the temperature rises. 

This sake shows how some good sakes are best enjoyed cold and some benefit from careful warming. However, this sake should not be made extremely hot, as it is a high quality, fine Junmaishu and not cheap Futsūshu.

Have fun tasting!

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Buy a voucher for one of our exclusive sake tasting events. This voucher is the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries.

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