Review Gin Tasting at Restaurant sansaro June 2019 | SUSHIYA sansaro

Review Gin Tasting at Restaurant sansaro June 2019

In the restaurant sansaro we have already organized numerous, high-quality tasting events on the subject of Japanese sake and Japanese whisky carried out - now there was a double novelty for us: the first tasting event on Japanese gin and our first tasting event on the large terrace in the Amalienpassage.

The tension in our team was correspondingly high - especially since you almost break out in a sweat by yourself at 35 degrees in the shade. The night before the tasting, we spontaneously made a few fans for our customers and recycled some old calendars that we had made for our customers in 2015. The wonderful pictures by Luise Aedtner from her photo series "finding the familiar in the foreign" were perfect for this and we are thrilled with the stylish, beautiful fans.

Wonderful tasting event on the summer terrace in the Amalienpassage

A good 28 customers bravely persevered: in the shade of the umbrellas, with a mild breeze on our terrace and surrounded by Japanese fan maples, they listened to the explanations of Jürgen Liebenau, who shared his knowledge on the subject of Japanese gin.

For tasting this time came the following Japanese gins, each listed along with the corresponding food pairings by Chef Sugawara:

Suntory Ice Gin 37% + Katsuo to kobudashi no Osuimono - a Japanese fish broth together with a skewer of fresh fine tuna and olives, an homage to Dry Martini, only here the soup harmonized especially well with the Ice Gin.

Hombo Mars Wa Bi Gin 45% + Saba no Tatsuta-age - fried mackerel with shiso leaf (shiso was also one of the ingredients of this gin), where especially the sauce of the mackerel complemented well with the gin

Kyoya Yuzugin Japanese Craft Gin 47% + Ebi to Hotate no Harumaki - so to speak, a handmade, real spring roll in a kind of mango sauce, which offered a perfect match with the limited edition yuzu gin!

Kyoto Distillery Ki No Bi Edition K 46% + Kamo no Jibuni - this was really very fine: the jibuni-style duck was the perfect counterpart to the light peaty note of this great, sought-after, limited-edition gin that was post-matured in a whiskey barrel.

Akyane Craft Gin Heart Natsu 46% + Lemon Parfait with Almonds and Caramel - on its own, the dessert seemed very sweet, but as soon as you try it together with the "summer" gin from the seasonal series of Akayane, it suddenly fits perfectly!

And because it was so interesting, we took the liberty of tasting a sixth gin together: Komasa Hōjicha with intense green tea aroma...

Great feedback for successful, beautiful event

To the customers who stuck it out with us over so many gins in the heat and then had such enthusiastic, kind feedback for our kitchen team's efforts, we are extremely grateful!

The tasting events in the restaurant sansaro are always associated with enormous effort before and behind the scenes. Nevertheless, due to the great reactions, we are considering whether we should hold another gin tasting at the end of August? Again with an individual food pairing and of course with a slightly different gin setup. What is your opinion on this? Write us quickly a few lines on the contact form on our homepage, so that we can assess the interest and possibly plan another event for you!


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