Preview Whisky Tasting on April 2, 2018 | SUSHIYA sansaro

Preview Whisky Tasting on April 2, 2018

At our first whisky tasting with japanese whisky in february we have received great reactions and due to many requests for a date for another whiskey tasting searched. Now we organize - before the summer break, as long as the cool temperatures still allow spiritual drinks - on Easter Monday at 15.30h again an exclusive whisky tasting. And we have some very special things for you - let's reserve you right away, seats are limited.


Preview of the Whisky Tasting at sansaro

On the program are again 6 highly interesting, high-quality Japanese whisky:

From the Nikka distillery, which goes back to the "forefather" of whiskey in Japan - Masataka Taketsuru - come the famous single malt "Miyagikyo" and "Yoichi".

A very special rarity is contributed by our speaker Jürgen Liebenau, Managing Director at J-Whisky and specialist for rare Japanese whisky: the Nikka Grand Age, a blended whiskey that has not been produced for a long time and is actually hard to buy.

Also difficult to come by are the whiskies from Japanese shooting star Ichirō Akuto: he comes from a long family tradition of sake brewers. In the 2000s, when Japanese whisky hardly had a market, he secured some old barrels from the Hanyu distillery, which once belonged to his grandfather. From this history evolve today the whiskies of the Chichibu distillery, the most sought after by connoisseurs in Japan. We taste rarities such as the "Wine Wood Reserve" and the "Mizunara Wood Reserve". Mizunara is a special Japanese oak, which is very difficult to process into dense barrels and therefore shines with its own special aroma.

The conclusion this time is one of the expensive and rare single malt whisky from Chichibu, the single malt distillery of Ichirō Akuto.

Japanese whisky in sushi restaurant Sushiya Munich

And of course, we accompany each course of the tasting with a special, unique food pairing from our kitchen crew. Here is a first excerpt, we are still working on details:

  • Yam with shichimi pepper and aonori seaweed with whiskey miso
  • Puff pastry with grilled eel and monkfish liver steamed in whiskey
  • Terrine with oysters pickled in yuan sauce and akaebi
  • Sea urchin, quail egg, duck breast fillet and even cherry blossoms are among the other ingredients our chef is currently busy preparing - let us surprise you!

As always, our tastings are exclusive, one-time events. Subject to change, of course, participation only after prior online reservation.

Secure a place now to be there and taste some top whiskies along with the unique food pairing!

If you don't know our restaurant yet and want to learn more about us, Chef Saito and our style, just watch this video:


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