Matsuse Sake - Sustainable sake with tradition since 1860


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The sake brewery Matsuse

Matsuse Brewery, whose history dates back to 1860, attaches particular importance to the Raw material rice and on the environment in which it grows. 

She decided to work with local farmers to grow the best sake rice in her hometown of Ryuō. The famous Yamadanishiki sake rice variety was brought from the legendary Tōjō region in western Hyōgo, and the difficult task for the brewery and farmers began. 

Since then, the brewery has pioneered old and new rice farming techniques, eliminating the use of chemicals and fertilizers and leaving fields flooded and uncultivated in winter to encourage microbial growth and biodiversity. 

The sake rice grown in this way is the basis for the sake produced by the Matsuse Brewery.

The brewmaster has a clear idea of what his sake should be like. Sake that tastes as natural as the air and water surrounding the brewery.

From the brewery Matsuse we had from circa 2020-2023 the sake Azolla 50 in the program. 

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