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Puff cake in Japan

Baumkuchen is a very popular Candy in Japan - it's even called "tree cake" in Japanese! Everywhere in Kyōto, on the busy path to the temple Kiyomizudera and in the shopping streets, there are stores selling a very special, locally made Baumkuchen, mostly with Matcha.
A pyramid cake store in Higashiyama-Ku in Kyoto on a November evening

A pyramid cake store in Higashiyama-Ku in Kyoto on a November evening

Baumkuchen is popular with men and women of all ages because of its moderate Softness and elegant sweetness popular. In Japan it is considered a lucky candy, as the tree's growth rings are associated with "growth" and "prosperity", and is a popular gift for weddings and baby gifts.
The first Baumkuchen was sold in Japan on March 4, 1919, by German confectioner Karl Ueheim, who came to Japan after the First World War. To commemorate this event, the March 4 every year as "Day of the tree cake". celebrated.

Baumkuchen in Germany

In Germany, Baumkuchen is made according to strict rules, but in Japan every store sells its own variant of Baumkuchen with its own special ingredients. Typically Japanese, this results in slight regional differences and specialties everywhere. This flexibility is a characteristic of Japanese cuisine, so cultural characteristics and foods from abroad are often incorporated. And of course, in doing so, the Japanese - in all modesty - try to respect the traditional aspects of these foods and drinks, but also to perfect them as far as possible in terms of craftsmanship (compare also Japanese whisky, which is also made in the traditional Scottish way and is now considered the best in the world).
For Germans, it is interesting to see how traditional German sweets have taken root in the Japanese way of life.
Our kitchen team prepared a Baumkuchen with the typical Japanese Matcha flavor. The individual layers are folded elaborately, similar to the Japanese omlette tamago, similar to how Japanese swords are folded in multiple layers by the blacksmith. Enjoy the interplay of German and Japanese traditions.
You can find the Baumkuchen now for order in the Delivery store, of course, as always while stocks last. We are curious to hear how it tastes to you!

NEW IN MARCH 2021: Seasonal Sakura Tree Cake

In keeping with the upcoming cherry blossom, our chef Kazuya has put on a special seasonal version of his popular Baumkuchen. 

This time he has used powdered cherry blossom petals, which find their way into the artfully rolled layer after layer of handwork. 

The sweetness, as always, is contrasted by a slightly acidic sauce made from the fine Umeshu plum wine from Kamoizumi (賀茂泉 梅酒) which we will present for the first time on our new beverage menu in 2021.

Umeshu is a very popular liqueur in Japan. Kamoizumi's Umeshu is a high quality product that this traditional sake brewery makes from high quality organic plums and Junmaishu. The acidity of the plums and the mildness of the Junmaishu harmonize perfectly. This special liqueur is characterized by expresses a ripe plum aroma and has a long finish with salty and mineral notes.

Try now our seasonal variant of the Baumkuchen, order in time online in our store, because the daily available quantity is of course always limited.

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