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Momiji autumn menu 2023

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Before our head chef for hot cuisine Riichiro Matsui returns to Japan to open his first own restaurant, he serves a - typical for him - strictly Japanese menu as a farewell to the Autumn in the Amalienpassage to celebrate.

Momiji Menu 2023

The season is finally turning to autumn, and the food is getting even more delicious. Momiji is the Japanese name for the autumn leaves that appear in the Amalienpassage around this time and in Japan with its beauty enraptures all the locals and tourists.

For two days - on Sunday the 29.10.23 and Tuesday the 31.10.23 - we offer exclusively a menu of either 5 or 6 courses. 

The menu includes a variety of Japanese dishes such as. Sashimi, Sushi, tempura and grilled dishes, all combined in a balanced menu. We've selected simple, easy-to-eat dishes that showcase the flavors of the ingredients to their best advantage. Whether you are a newcomer to the Japanese cuisine are or a regular, this combination will satisfy your taste buds. Deliberately it is a simple menu with typical Japanese flavor.

On these days with us no dishes à la carte, no TakeOut and no delivery, we ask for your understanding.

After the announcement in the Newsletter the menu was fully booked in no time. For the future, our kitchen team plans to offer special seasonal menus more often. Sign up for our newsletter so that you are always informed about what is going on with us and when we offer special culinary events around Japanese cuisine.


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