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Valentine's Day 2021
Valentine's menu inspired by the 12 beauties that surrounded Prince Genji
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Valentine's menu


Of course we have again on Valentine's Day a very special - and typical in Corona times, unfortunately, only for pickup or delivery. But perhaps this menu is also best eaten at home?

Namely, Chef Matsui has been invited to his Valentine's Day special by the 12 beauties inspire the Princes Genji have surrounded and again a Box with a lot of handmade Japanese kitchen tradition designed

"Genji Monogatari", written about 1000 years ago by Murasaki Shikibu, a prominent writer of the Heian period, is considered a the oldest full-length romance novel in Japan.

The main character is Hikaru Genji, the emperor's son, who has an unusual beauty.
The story is set in a glamorous aristocratic culture, where Hikaru Genji falls in love with different women. It's not just a simple playboy romance story, and it's not just famous for its historical value. Murasaki Shikibu's near-perfect character development Gives each woman Hikaru Genji falls in love with her unique depthand that is the reason why Genji Monogatari is still considered to be a Masterpiece of classical Japanese literature is known.

According to scholars of Japanese literature, Murasaki Shikibu reached a single character (Hikaru Genji) was enough to express a man's individuality and feelings, but a single character was not enough to express a woman's deep charm and beauty. It should be noted that the individuality of the women in the story is beautiful, and each of them is unforgettable. And the portrayal of the women's emotional conflict with Hikaru Genji is wonderful. From this point of view, you can say that "Genji Monogatari" is a Book of love and relationships is read for over 1000 years.

Order and delivery info

  • At noon from 12.00 to 14.00 and in the evening from 17.00 to 21.00
  • We deliver the valentine box as standard in beautiful Japanese disposable bento boxes made of paper and some plastic, on request also against deposit in the recyclable Japanese Bentobox
  • The Box is designed for one person, order for two people either two boxes or one box to taste together and complement with Sushi à la Carte.
  • The Valentine's Box is unfortunately sold out as of 11.02.2021 12h!
  • Our sushi team is also ready for you on Valentine's Day 2021. You can order with us sushi à la carte and also a small carnival box will be there.
  • We ask for early booking, because we were sold out within 24h at the New Year's Eve menu.
  • This time there is only a certain number of pickups/deliveries per time slot, so that the organization for guests & kitchen works properly. So it may be that your desired time is no longer available.
  • Since we develop the dishes individually and work very fresh, contents can of course change at short notice, for which we ask for your understanding.
Here you will find our Sake Tasting Flightwhich our Sake-Sommerlière recommends and which you can get from us together with the matching tasting cards (right in the picture).
  • Nanbu Bijin
  • Rihaku Dreamy Cloud
  • Amabuki rhododendron
The set with the small bottles (300ml/180ml) incl. tasting cards from us is available for 65 euros while stocks last. Enjoy the sake simply in beautiful wine glasses or order with us in the store matching our sake nosing glasses. Alternatively, depending on your budget, we recommend:
  • Bottle Koshi No Kanbai - Muku 64 euros
  • Bottle Katsuyama - Den 105 Euro

We ask for timely pre-order from 05 February. Experience shows that our special boxes are sold out after a few days, so do not wait too long.