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Japancraft 21

At SUSHIYA in Munich, we are fascinated by Japanese cuisine and culture. Our mission is to translate the Japanese craftsmanship of our chefs and the many stories that Japanese cuisine offers in a culinary way for our guests.

But of course, the depth of Japanese craftsmanship is not limited to the kitchen - it can be found in all areas of Japanese life and creation.

But the preservation of craftsmanship and knowledge of the right techniques is no longer automatic: more and more knowledge is being lost. And it often takes people from the outside to make a difference. Steve Beimel, originally from America and now living in Kyōto, has dedicated himself to preserving Japanese crafts and founded an organization that deserves support.

Omotenashi - Hospitality in Japanese

Omotenashi is the name for a special form of Japanese hospitality that is deeply rooted in Japanese culture and philosophy. Despite a clear division of roles, the relationship between guest and host is one of equality and mutual respect. The guest appreciates the efforts of the host and the host does everything to make the guest feel comfortable and have a pleasant experience.

Kokorozuke - Tipping in Japanese

Recently, the question came up in our restaurant whether tipping is not given in Japan and how we would do it in the restaurant sansaro in Munich with it.We are always [...]

Visit to a Japanese sushi restaurant

At SUSHIYA we love Japanese culture and first of all for this reason we run the Japanese restaurant sansaro in Munich. Since our guests are mostly naturally Munich residents or tourists visiting Munich, [...]

Shokado box

Sushiya Sushi Restaurant Munich Shokado Box filled with sushi

The friend of Japanese cuisine always encounters the term bento box - and then, as an interesting variant, the name "Shōkadō-bento box". WHAT ACTUALLY IS A SHOKADO-BENTO BOX? The bento box is first [...]